My Name Is Bella, Bella Styles...

Harry Styles' daughter has come to stay for the summer. Little did she know that full moon was coming...


3. Harry


I saw her in the audience but I'd thought nothing of it. But then she turns up at the meet and greet with a little girl on her back.

"Who's this?"

"I'm Bella, mister. How'd you know my momma?"

"Your momma and I used to be best buddies." I replied. "Until she moved to America."

"Harry, come to my house tonight." then Rose passed me a scrap of paper.

"Ok you guys. Photo time!" Niall said. Trust him. By then the other girls had cleared out, so I said to Rose,

"Can you come to the dressing room with us? Oh, can I hold Bella?"

"Course you can." so she passed Bella to me. We walked to the dressing room and sat down inside.

"Right, tell me the truth. Who's Bella's father? When did you move here? How old is Bella?"

"Whoa Whoa Whoa Harry! Slow down! Right, Bella's five, I moved here last year and... you're  Bella's dad." Silence from the rest of the boys, Rose was looking at the floor and Bella was looking confused.

"K, so that was a lot to take in, but Harry please, can we try one more time?"

"It's gotta be youuuuuuuu!!!!!"

"Louis shut up!!!" the boys shouted!

"Daddy can I come to your house?"

"Off course you can!"

 "Thank you daddy!!!!!!!!"

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