A Soldier's Life

Poems of different soldiers in different times, they all lead different lives.


5. The emotion of War

Can you not see the anguish?

The crying faces of brothers fallen?

You cause this hate!

You split family!


Can you not hear the cries?

The pitiful screams of grieving soldiers?

You made the bonds!

And yet you split them!


Does it not bother you?

The angry glares of people all over?

The spiteful words of leaders everywhere?


Are you used to it?

Have you seen all?

Have you heard all?

Can you not say?

Why do you not speak?


Why do you cry?

Why do you claw at your face?

How does it feel?

To be the cause of so much

You bear the sin of many

You carry the weight of hope

You are the Pandora of War...



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