Graveside memoirs

The ghost of a woman waits for her husband to join her


1. Part one

Graveside memoirs

They had chosen the most beautiful place in the world for her.

The air was sweet and cool up here. The sun graced her tenderly weathered skin in the shadow of the apple tree.

The yielding liquid gold haze, melting the edges of the world around her.

It broke through the soft whips of cloud in the sky the gentle breeze tousled her hair,

 sent ripples through the long grass in the valley from her memory, turning to fire when it clashed with the line of the horizon.

It was a pleasant day, just  like she remembered.

The world bowed to her whim.

Even though she knew it wasn’t true, that didn’t faze her, because she didn’t exist any longer either.

 Best of all the man she loved above all else, came to visit her almost every day,

That alone made her happy above all else.

 How he tried  so hard  to appear gracious for her, above all else.

But sometimes he wasn’t,

And that was okay, she told herself, she kept telling herself that it was okay for him to be sad, because she was too a lot of the time.

Especially when his visits would become less frequent and she knew it was coming soon.

 It was unraveling, everything was unraveling from under him, the anti climax of his life.

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