My first

I didnt cut beacause i was jealous i did it cuz i felt that everyone hated me. How could you think i hated you, i think its best if we break up.


1. School Trip.

It was early in the morning, our first school trip that was 5 days long

My name is Allison And this my story about how i met my one true love.

When we arrived to our destination we were all tired we where all gonna share rooms with 4 others i shared my room with my very close friends, we were unpacking for about 2 hours, we had too eat at 6:00 pm thats were i sat in front of him a boy named william I had known him for a while but we didn't now anything about eachother.

I was looking at him while he was eating, he eat alot like Seriously. We made eye contact i few times, suddenly he asked me why are you looking at me, its just you remind me so much of my brother, oh bit its making me a bit creeped out hehe, oh im sorry haha.

Thats when we started talking alot i invited him with a guy named tobias over to my room and we started playing truth or dare the my friend Ashley asked william You have to hug the person you would choose if you had to as a girlfriend,

Im sorry if this sucks but im trying❤️❤️ ~Ally

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