Louis' Little Sister

Hi, I'm Danielle Tomlinson. My parents died in a car crash when I was ten. My aunt got full custody of my brother,Louis, and I. After a couple of months, my aunt decided to send me to a boarding school in New England. She hadn't sent my brother, only me because I reminded her too much of my mother. Now I am seventeen-years-old and am still living at the boarding school. .

Please Read To Find Out What Happens!


3. Falling for Niall

I wake up on a leather couch with a blanket draped over me. "Well, look at whose finally awake." I look over to see Niall sitting in a chair next to the couch that I am lying on. For a minute all we do is look at each other. "Hey, do you like music?" I look at him quizzically for a moment, before nodding my head. He grabs a guitar that I hadn't noticed before and starts to sing "Little Things" by the end of the song I had tears in my eyes. Niall puts the guitar do and comes over to me. I was completely unprepared for what he did next. 


A/N- Hey everybody, I just wanted to say that I am about to get out for Thanksgiving Break and I will not be posting anything until Monday or Tuesday. Enjoy the story!!!!!! Happy Thanksgiving!! 😊😊😊😊

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