Peyton Lily Westbrook loved the band 5sos she always wanted to go to a cornets she gets to go on her birthday and she finds out something big

Read to find out more..............
To be clear Luke is not her bother she falls in love with him again


6. New chapter

Calum's POV:

She looked just like my twin we gave away so I said can I talk to you Pey sure she said and got up and walked over to me and said "what""well ok I had twin and she was gave away and her name was Peyton Lily Hood and that's you""what how do you know""well first we both have brown eyes and the same tattoo's at the same stop we are the same age and have the same birthdays""that's weird but that might explain why I hade black hair a long time ago""well you want to go to the hospital I was born at and see""sure" so we ran out the back door and got in the car and drove to to hospital and walked in the doctor saw me and said"hi would do you need""well we would like to see if she is my sister so we are going to take a DNA test""ok follow me"so we walked over to to the DNA stuff and he told us to sit down so he took my blood and then hers and then said be right back "ok we said and came back 2 mins later and said"sir she is your sister"thank you how much will this cost I said getting out my wallet "200$""ok here go"and then we walked out and got in the car and drove back to the stadium and when we got there everybody said took you long enough to talk

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