Peyton Lily Westbrook loved the band 5sos she always wanted to go to a cornets she gets to go on her birthday and she finds out something big

Read to find out more..............
To be clear Luke is not her bother she falls in love with him again


5. New chapter

Luke's POV:

I saw this really pretty girl in the front row and she had a backstage pass when the conerct ended they ran to the backstage pass door and the body guard door opened it they walked in and sat down on the couch and then we walked in and said hi and then Calum looked at the girl and said "I like your tattoo I have it to""cool""so what's your name"my name is Peyton but you can call me Pey""I am Ariana but you can call me Ari"so tell us about your self""well My full name is Peyton Lily I do not know my last name cause I am apoted and I am 18 and I have I twin and I have two dogs named Pairs and then Raspberry""my full name is Ariana Violet and I do not know my last name cause I am apoted I am 18 and I have a twin and have one dog named Coffee""cool"we all said then Calum said"Pey can I talk to you""sure"she said

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