Peyton Lily Westbrook loved the band 5sos she always wanted to go to a cornets she gets to go on her birthday and she finds out something big

Read to find out more..............
To be clear Luke is not her bother she falls in love with him again


4. New chapter

Peyton's POV:

We ran down the stairs and saw mo and she said "get in the car"we got in the car and got Comfy cause this was a 2hour drive so I but my headphones on and fell asleep 2hours later we where there mo said"go change and do your stuff"we ran to the bathroom and got in and put on a leather black skater skirt on a crop top that said #FABULOUS and put on black studded still-toes and got out Ari said cute and I got a bobby pin and put it in my hair and then did my makeup and got my phone and put my backstage pass on and we walked and gave mom the bags and walked to the stage area and sat down then the seats filled up and then the "don't stop"beat played they played these songs don't stop,18,taking the long way home, ameisae,try hard,good girls,out of my limt

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