Peyton Lily Westbrook loved the band 5sos she always wanted to go to a cornets she gets to go on her birthday and she finds out something big

Read to find out more..............
To be clear Luke is not her bother she falls in love with him again


2. New chapter

Calum's POV:

Luke was on his phone all day then he sowed us something about a girl he used to know named Peyton Westbrook "SHE IS HOT"Ashton yelled she was pretty the girl lived L.A where we live she just uploaded was a picture of her and arinan grande with the words "my BFF😄😄😛"she looked a lot like me and had a tattoo on her arm like me that said "will find you" and then one on her neck like me that said "miss you even tought I do not know you" Micky said "do you think she knows about the band"the I said "I do not know even though she woter this morning I hope I get to go to a 5sos concert for my b-day"then Micky dipoles me off

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