Peyton Lily Westbrook loved the band 5sos she always wanted to go to a cornets she gets to go on her birthday and she finds out something big

Read to find out more..............
To be clear Luke is not her bother she falls in love with him again


1. New chapter

Peyton's POV:

Hi I am Peyton Westbrook i am 18 I have brown eyes I have blond hair on the top black on the bottom with red highlights,I am a bad girl I am cheerleader,singer,dancer,and model I love the bands 5sos,1d,little mix,5 harmony I love a lot of music my best friend is Ariana Grande my b-day is in a few days!My alarm clock went off at 4:00 I got up went to the shower and started thinking what it would be like to have Calum Hood as my but that will never happen I got out the shower and put my black leather staked skirt on and my very follow crop top on that said "forever"on it and put my black sutted still-toes and put my hair in loose curls and then I put some black eyeliner and black madras on and some blue eye shadow on and light pink lipstick and put put skull earrings in and got my phone and books and walked down the stairs and saw my mom siting next to Ari "ready"Ari said "ya""then let's go""k""bye mom see you after school""bye honey I have a supposes for you and Ari after school""k"we both said then we walked to the bus stop

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