We Can Make It Out Alive

how i met luke hemmings and this is my first story and if you want to hate all im going to say is haters gonna hate


5. why are you here

After lunch when Luke, Calum, Michael and I were heading to class I thought that I had seen an all to families car in front of the school where the teachers park. It can't be his car I thought. I will just ignore it. So I ignored it and as we got to the class I saw an all to families person standing in the front of the room getting all their work ready. I stopped dead in my tracks. I could not bielieve he would have the nnerve to come to this school after what he did to me. It was HIM. Calum, Michael and, Luke noticed I had stopped walking and talking with them. After they noticed Michael and Calum quickly noticed that something was wrong. I could not speak as they were trying and failing at getting me to tell them what was wrong. Finally after they figured out that I was not able to tell them what was wrong they finally also decided to look at what I was staring at when they saw and recognized him. "Josh" Michael and Calum said at the same time in unison with disgust in their voices along with pure hatred. "Who's Josh?" Luke asked with a confused look and voice while standing in his spot. "Josh is..." "Bailey is it ok if we tell Luke about what Josh did?" I still could not speak or move so I slowly nodded my head to show that they could. "Josh is Bailey's ex boyfriend of 5 years." Michael said. "Why is he her ex? Any man would be lucky to have Bailey as their girlfriend she is such a catch!" Luke said but mumbled the very last part. "There is a very damn good reason that he is her ex." Michael said. "Ok can I please know what the damn good reason is?." Luke asked. Michael looked at me to make sure I was still ok with them telling Luke about Josh. I nodded my head once again. "Josh is her ex boyfriend because he was and still is abusive to Bailey in anyway possibly that he could be if he got the chance to be near her again if they were alone he would probably kill her." Says Calum. "Oh" is all Luke is able to say due to his shock, surprise and anger and what he thinks Josh could, would or probably has done to me.

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