We Can Make It Out Alive

how i met luke hemmings and this is my first story and if you want to hate all im going to say is haters gonna hate


4. Chapter Two

*In Science Class*

Luke and I got to Science and sat down beside each other. When everybody got to class and the teacher got there she introduced herself as Mrs. Green. The first thing we did in Science class was play an icebreaker game called Guess the person it was really fun. After we played Guess the person we went on to do a review sheet of what we remembered from the year before or what we remember from all of our science classes in the past. I helped Luke with his review for the ones that he didn’t know and he helped me with mine. While we were talking and doing our review in class I decided to ask Luke a question that I have had all day and was wondering. Luke? I asked. Yes Bailey Luke said. I was wondering why you moved here to Ottawa Ontario in Canada and where you were from before you moved here. Oh was all he said. It’s ok Luke you don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to I was just wondering. It’s ok Bailey I knew you would ask at some point in time. I am originally from Sydney, Australia. The reason I moved here was because my mom got a promotion in her job that had us have to move here so she could have her job and get paid more. Oh was all I could say to that. Don’t worry Bailey It was a good thing we moved so it’s ok its just natural that you are curious about why I moved here. ok was all I said as I felt a little bad for asking him. Then I got a good idea on how to get him to make new friends at lunch I would introduce him to two of my other friends Michael and Calum then after school i would ask him if he wants to hang out and i could introduce him to my other friend who graduated when i was in grade Ashton. So I told Luke I would be right back and i went up to Mrs. Green and asked her if i could go use the washroom she said ok so as i got there since it was just down the hallway i got out my phone. I texted Ashton, Calum and, Michael about my plan and they all agreed to it so it was settled Luke would meet Michael, Calum and, Ashton today.

*Bell Rings*


When i got back to class Luke was there waiting for me with my bad and review that was marked. Luke? I asked. Yes Bailey he said. I was wondering if you wanted to eat lunch with me and some of my friends today since we have two classes then lunch then our last two classes of the day then go home. Sure he said. Yes I thought this plan could actually work.


*Lunch Bell Rings*

Luke and I went to our lockers which were right beside each other and grabbed our lunch. When I closed my locker all I could do was jump up in shock because Michael and, Calum were right there. Luke, Michael, and Calum started laughing at my reaction. Michael I whined why do you and Calum like doing that to me at school everyday. Because Bailey it is a lot of fun to see your reaction when you are scared. Meanie I said. Awwww don’t be like that Bailey you know you love us. You're right i won’t be like that because I don’t love you. But I thought you really did love me Bailey what happened to our random movie nights. I’m just kidding Michael I love you and you know it. Luke just stood there confused as to what and who these people were. Oh ya Luke this is Michael Clifford one of my best friends that is like a brother to me and don’t worry when he changes his hair colour that happens a lot so don’t worry he dyes his hair a new colour every few months. Luke the person that is now behind you is Calum Hood he is another one of my best friends who is like a brother to me. I know that I am always able to count on one of them if i ever need anything or if I am ever in trouble I’m always able to go to them and they will always help me out no matter what the problem is.

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