Miranda has a monster in her head...and she's afraid that it might destroy her.


8. Chapter 7

I don’t hear my dad bang on the door. I don’t hear him yell that he and my mom are running off to Target and leaving me here and never coming back. I don’t hear him open the door to find out why I didn’t answer. I don’t see his surprised face when he sees me supposedly asleep. I don’t see him close the door again.

    Somehow, I do hear them driving away.


    When I finally decide to come back to the Real and Cruel World, I am alone. The only other living things in the house are a furry black cat and an old black pug and a spider and some flies. I am the only homo sapiens. Maybe all the humans were wiped out. There is no more Mom, no more Dad, no more Liz and Mark and Dylan,

                              “Can we just be friends?”

                                            no more anybody.

    But then a car door slams outside and shatters the monster-dream. I am not alone in the world. I am only alone in this house.

                                                                               (You’re never alone with me here)

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