Miranda has a monster in her head...and she's afraid that it might destroy her.


3. Chapter 2

It is over too fast, and a tide of buzzing bodies carries me away to my Theater class. I can smile again. But that is also short-lived. The next drone of the bell dooms me. Now I have to face him. Nelson. If I were religious, I would call him a devil cloaked in human skin. He is my tormentor, the one who makes the monster scream hungrily. He frightens me, but I can’t let that show. The monster pushes shaky terror into my throat and makes my heart shiver. It needs to feed. It doesn’t have to wait long. As Ms. Neil explains probability to a class full of failures, my pencil digs its sharp point into my wrist, hidden under a long, black sleeve.  The monster is excited, screaming for more. More than I can provide. Somehow, I just want to yank up my sleeve and bare the cuts new and old. I want to scream “Look at me! Help me!” I can’t do it, though. Revealing this secret would destroy me.

                                                I would explode,


                                              into a million pieces.

                                             Never to scream again.

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