Miranda has a monster in her head...and she's afraid that it might destroy her.


15. Chapter 14


    Finally, lunchtime.

    I weave through the rowdy crowd of students, feeling like I'm dodging a riot. I half expect to see a a line of police officers, dressed in riot gear, blocking the hallway. Their Lexan shields are useless against the weapons that are formed from the students' lips. The iron-cased words will shatter the Lexan and pierce the hearts of the police guard.

    My shield is much more efficient. My shield keeps the words away from my ears and out of my heart. They cannot hurt me. With my music, I am inpenetrable.

    I reach the corner and plop down next to Liz. She's playing Minecraft again, and I can't help rolling my eyes. "Really, Liz?"

    "What? I love Minecraft!"

    "You're going to get yelled at for being on your phone."

     She flaps her tiny hand at me, dismissing my words. "The teachers never pay any attention, I'll be fine."

     A voice is shot at us from down the hall as the last word slips out of her mouth. "Off fo your phone, young lady! Music only!"

   Liz scowls and turns off her screen. "Hmph."

   I can't help but smirk. "Told you."

   She growls and slugs me in the arm, glaring. I rub my shoulder, glaring back. Suddenly, we both burst into laughter.

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