Miranda has a monster in her head...and she's afraid that it might destroy her.


13. Chapter 12

English class turns out to be surprisingly entertaining. We're starting our ¨Meaning of Life¨ projects. Some people are working in groups, some in pairs, and others are working solo.

I always end up by myself, almost by default. This project is no exception, and I sit in bubble of translucent loneliness. A fog of dialogue innterupts my mental monologue, lowering my ability to think clearly about what I want my project to be.

Finally, an idea, shimmering purple, breaks through the mist and shows its face. I pull a piece of loosleaf out of my binder, pick up my pen, and start scratching down the words that will begin to form the physical idea.

When the bell rings, I am startled out of my creative trance. I quickly shove the paper and pen into my bag, sling the bag over my shoulder, and dart out of the room.


My next class is World History 2, one of my least favorite classes. I love the teacher, though. Mr. Frann always makes class a little bit more entertaining with his great sense of humor.

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