Miranda has a monster in her head...and she's afraid that it might destroy her.


12. Chapter 11

A gray cat darts across the road in front of me as I walk towards the bus stop. 

Once on the grass, it stops and looks at me with wide, green eyes. I stop, meeting his gaze for a few seconds. I know that it's a male just by looking into his eyes. I've always been able to do that with cats. My great-grandpa said it was a gift from God. Even then, I didn't believe in God, so I just did the smile-and-nod thing.

That was two years ago, before the monster took it's first big bite out of my brain.

(i was taking bites out of your brain long before that)


My feet hit the concrete of the driveway, and I stop so I don't walk all the way up to the house and walk into the wall and break my nose and spill mucus-streaked blood all over the rain-gray concrete. I pull my earbuds out of my bag and plug them into my phone. As I scroll through my music, I realize that, for some reason, I'm in the mood for Pearl Jam instead of the usual heavy rock. I cue up my ¨90's Rock¨ playlist, and it kicks off with Mother Love Bone, ¨Chloe Dancer/Crown of Thorns¨.

The bus stop starts to fill up with people as the eight-minute song plays on, and Andy Wood sings in his once-legendary, and still beautiful if he were alive, voice. He isn't alive, though. A monster, different from mine, invaded his brain in the form of smoke and needles, and it strangled him. It tore him away from the fabric of life and left nothing but a cold body and a short-lived legend that belonged in the stars.

I spend the bus ride thinking about lost legends andstory-streaked stars.

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