Miranda has a monster in her head...and she's afraid that it might destroy her.


11. Chapter 10

I draw my attention out of my head and back to the movie, finishing the cookie. I spend the next two hours swinging through buildings and protecting New York City with Peter. I thank the stars that Dr. Octopus is fictional. I wish that Spider-Man was real. The movie ends, and I pad across the hall to brush my teeth. I look in the mirror into my shadowed green eyes. My mouth foams up with toothpaste. The cavities scream as they die, but no one can hear them. Fluoride saves the day yet again, and I go back to my room with happy teeth. I straighten the sheets and cover up the clock’s blinding glow. Then I tuck myself in and turn out the light. The glowing stars whisper secrets to each other as I slowly start to fall into dreams.

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