Dinosaur King :Into The Future

35 million years ago dinosaurs ruled the Earth .1 year ago a family saved all of time and space from oblivion at the cost of never seeing one another again ; that's what they believed anyway .

Rex has returned and their is trouble brewing in the future as . The dinobattle game has changed and the Prehistorics and Earth have a new threat .

So I'll try explaining the new things in this fanfic:

1.Rex parents made a new time machine called the clockhopper

2.Seth gave Rex and the alpha gang a present, by fixing
Chomp,Ace,Paris,Terry,Spiney,and,Tanks card ,only now while in small form they can use they're powers on a small scale and without a cards (yes like pokemon ,but go with it for now -_-)

3.The alpha gang has done the one thing in a year no thought they would do in forever ; Become successful . Ursula is a world renown fashion designer and care taker of Terry the t-Rex and Iguano the Iguanodon . Zander is still single and some how the owner


2. When the dinosaurs shall rule the Earth:part 1

We made it to the year 2139 Creatatia yelled over the enter com .

The junior D-team members were now in more D-team appropriate clothing .

Kin was wearing a light blue hoody and khaki pants with a dinosaur tooth on his belt with wight tennis shoes .

Mia was wearing a teal or aqua jacket and shoes with a matching dress and hat and a dinosaur tooth on her fanny pack !

Tim had a dark purple hoody and jeans with a dinosaur tooth on his belly bag .

Raf had a red jacket jacket with a wight scarf and khakis . He also had dinosaur tooth on his wrist.

Tina had a light brown hoody with cat eyes ears and whiskers and a wight dress with a dinosaur tooth on her purse .

Sue was waring dark pink jacket and and skirt with her tooth on her tiny back packs .

As for Rod ,Laura ,and Rex ; Rex now wore a similar outfit to what he use to only gray and Lara had a black dress and jacket with a pink D-symbol on it and several teeth on both her wrist and Rod word his helmet with a brown fur jacket .

When the clock hopper emerged from the time portal every one from the past looked out of the window to se a beautiful futuristic other worldly metropolis !

It's breath taking ,Mia gasped .

What a privilege it is to be here Kenneth added !

Then a flock of curious baby pteranodon and there mother starter looking in the window !

How precious Mia said !

Dinosaurs are really cute and now I have one !

Tina don't don't open that until we get to Rex's pent house, ok , Ben ask his younger sister politely .

Ok ,she responded pouting just a bit.

But you know something Mia said crouching down to Tina's level (she's only 8 ) ; your the cutest little cutie pie I've ever met .

Really your so pretty and nice are you sure your not a princess or something, Tina said smiling !

So those to seem to be hitting it of well ,Rex said looking at Mia and Tina conversing !


So this is home ,Rex said as they walked inside Rex's beautiful and futurist home !

So here why we brought you her ; new stones apeared and now they've disappear and we think there in those capsules !

Also , I'll take it since the water stone ,earth stone and fire stone are just appeared the possession of the alpha trio we take it that you and the wind stone appeared in my possession despite us being no were near them at the time , I take it the grass and lightning stones found there way to you some how Max and Zoe Rex stated !

Yep max said take the lighting stone out of his back pocket !

Me to Zoe said pulling the grass stone from her back pocket !

So now every one sat in the massive living room wile Creatatia and Jonathan (who said high to every one ) made snacks in the kitchen !

Wow this is strange Max said not liking the stones just disappearing .

That's not the strangest part max ,Rex said!

Ok despite my dad's original dislike of dinosaurs battling for human entertainment after seeing how dinosaurs feel about battling and the bonds they creat with humans well he decided to get some laws discussed made it legal to take care of dinosaurs !

Well that's definitely better that locking them away in cards spike added .

Which brings us to the fact that some dinosaur have been transforming on there own and going crazy !

What ,every one yelled !

Not only that but the four cards belonging to the spectral space pirates have vanished !

(Mean wile ,on Earth Land,in Fiore )

Now that we've pulled our dinosaurs into this dimension it'll make our jobs so much easier, fools cap snickered !

Now remember everyone belike me and Brontikins and you and you dinosaurs with all ways be reunited Specter said hugging his .

Well I guess I missed you a bit Sheer said petting the evolved triceratops on the head !

Oh Matus did you miss you papa foolscap said holding his Armatus in the air !

Gigas ,do you still enjoy Earth chicken Gavro said offering the dino a drumstick !

All of a sudden the dinosaur simultaneously said "we missed you to " the space pirates were sent flying down the hall of the building they were in ,in fear of the talking creatures after them !

(Back in on Earth ;year 2139.)

Now were not completely sure they have any thing to do with this ,but all of our prehistorics will be reserving these patches to repel what Evers causing dinosaur to go crazy ,Rex said holding up a dinosaur simple sticker !

Which brings us to our dinosaur new abilities he continued turning to a dummy be hind him !

Rod ,Laura I think I need your help demonstrate .

Rod Lara and Rex sat there Dino's in front of them .

Steak use lightning spear Rod yelled before his tiny Styracosaurus shot like a missile at the dummy impaling it with a blade of electricity !

Penny use toxic tornado Laura said making her dinosaur turn into blur dashing around the dummy until she emerged from a green vortex which disappeared into the air vent .

Then Rex ask ace to use butting wind and Ace made a tornado that shot tendrils that tore apart the dummy !

Every one clapped at the display !

I can't wait till we can do that said chomp.

I know wri-!

Max screamed !

Chomp, the dinosaurs weren't suppose to talk until Rex got around to us !

Ah Do you ever pay attention to any thing ,Penny hissed !

Wait so Paris you can ......?

Yep ,it's nice to in a way finally meat you Zoe ,Paris said .

Zoe then passed out make Paris cry and the flowers on the coffee table droop !

Soon she woke up and Rex continued explaining .

Ok so what ever is causing prehistorics word wide to go crazy has to be addressed .

Do you thing thing that the alpha gang had something to do with Max asked ?

No D.r z would never put his business at risk and neither would the alpha trio ,Rex answered.

The alpha gang has companies now ,every one ask !

Oh yay , D.r z owns a dinosaur breeding ,batting and supplement company know as Alpha corp ,Rex informed.

Ed and Tank ,his Saichania has a mining company Rex continued.

Zander's a tv match maker he said .

Also Ursula is a fashion designer, he finish .

Ha that old lady makes clothes ,Zoe said making every body Laugh !

(Else were, in a pent house office some ware els in the city )

Oh no ..... A woman in an office chair said .

It can't be she hissed crushing the arm of the chair !

(Back at the ancient's ) so basically you came and got us from the past because dinosaurs are raring up stuff and you don't know why ,there are several suspects (alpha gang ,space pirates ,terrorist ,anti-dinosaur groups ) and the stones are acting funny max ask .

Yep that and I wanted to spend Christmas with every one again Rex said .

As for the 7 of them getting these capsules I have know idea ,Rex said referring to the 7 junior members .


Now you guys can open your card Rex said .

The kids were out in a snowy field .

You guys just take your cards and the stone in the egg and slide them up on it Rex informed !

Rex ,Laura ,and Rod, with there new dino-lounges on stand by incase the rookies swiped the wrong way and these prehistoric were confused !

Kin you go first ,kin did as Rex ask him and he summoned a small blue pterosaur with a stone with image of feather !

I believe this to dsungaripterus ,Kin said curiously .

Ya mind if I call you Sunny, Kin ask not thinking of a better name .

Ok ,it responded fly up to the boys shoulder !

The other kid went next .

Mia's stone had a snow flake on it and her partner was a palaeeudyptes (a huge prehistoric penguin only recently discovered ) .

Aaaawww he is so cute, she reacted !

Then Tim got his stone that looked like a pale purple wavey thing he swiped his card and he summoned a parapuzosia (type of ammonite ) .

Why do i get stuck with the creepy partner , Tim complained .

Your Obvious lower form of intelligence ,the ammonite said pompously, before using his tentacle to snatch the stone and transform back into a card .

Next up was Raphael he had a stone that had a symbols with what looked to be a ant silhouette with 6 points attached to it .

He slide his card and out came a beetle .

Will this thing by any chance eat me while I sleep asked Raphael .

Not if you don't temp me oath ,the beetle said with his creepy emotionless bug face ......

Sues stone had what looked to be a A circle with star inside and she summoned a creature that looked be a unicorn to be that was wight with a pearl colored horn !

Tina's stone had what look to be claw markings and her partner was a sloth (megatherium ) said She quickly scooped it up for a hug .

Bens stone looked like a droplet spewing gas or something and he summoned and angry snake that had to be put wright back in its card !

I'm sure he was just confused Rex said trying to calm down the boy freaking out !

Well ,now will talk to you threes parents about staying in the future for a while , every one els needs to go home for Christmas diner Rex said .

Rex I know a year could have made you this bossy ,Zoe giggled .

Were going to have Christmas with you this year and there is nothing you can do or say to stop us Max said .

Ok fine ;Jonathan come pick up the Taylors ,drakes and D-team members from this year and take the back to our place ,Rex called on his dino-lounger .

And take the three juniors from the past home and before you leave send an invite to my grand parent ,aunts uncles and the Zs said the blond boy .

Yes sir master Rex ,Jonathan called back !

Ok as soon as New Years is over will come back to pick you guys up till then take theses dino-lounges and stay in touch with one another and this distress beckon with you and stay close Rex warned .

Who ever is causing all this we think has been spying on us and may be after those stones Rex continued giving them there dino-loungers and element boosters and even some extra move and super move cards . After that Jonathan took every one home each with there own little Christmas gift .


That should have at least been better than last chapter .

Leave me cc and if you liked it like it .

Raphael's prehistorics are the only ones you can't look up ! By :-3

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