Dinosaur King :Into The Future

35 million years ago dinosaurs ruled the Earth .1 year ago a family saved all of time and space from oblivion at the cost of never seeing one another again ; that's what they believed anyway .

Rex has returned and their is trouble brewing in the future as . The dinobattle game has changed and the Prehistorics and Earth have a new threat .

So I'll try explaining the new things in this fanfic:

1.Rex parents made a new time machine called the clockhopper

2.Seth gave Rex and the alpha gang a present, by fixing
Chomp,Ace,Paris,Terry,Spiney,and,Tanks card ,only now while in small form they can use they're powers on a small scale and without a cards (yes like pokemon ,but go with it for now -_-)

3.The alpha gang has done the one thing in a year no thought they would do in forever ; Become successful . Ursula is a world renown fashion designer and care taker of Terry the t-Rex and Iguano the Iguanodon . Zander is still single and some how the owner


3. when dinosaur shall rule the Earth :part two

In the year 2931 (a day after Christmas ) ,Dr Creatatia sand Dr Ancient sat in there living room drinking hot chocolate .

The Taylor's and drakes were all in there rooms ,the Zs were gone the kids were out in the city together and the mess the old lady made when Zoe called her an old lady had been clean now they could finally relax .

The out on the landing strip the saw guys on hover boards attacking the clockhopper !

"Whyyyy Dr Ancient", sighed taking his card dinosaur card out

"Go tapajara", he yell summoning a pterosaur to slap the hoodlums away .

Then giants robots appeared and pummeled jet !

Then Creatatia summoned her saltosaurus to attack the robot !

We half to make sure those robots don't fall on the people below the building",Dr Ancient called !

"Ocean orb "Creatatia yelled slashing a card threw the slot of her Dino lounger

Then her saltosaurus made a giant ball of water for around the two of the robots which dismantled them .

"Sky clone "the dr Ancient called making the cards in his deck orbit around him like a planetary ring and the sliding one through card thru the slot of his own dino lounger .

Then his tapajara turned into 10 tapajara that flew in a circle around the robot and slashed it apart while retreating the pieces .

Then Creatatia turned her sauropod back into a little saltosaurus then she and it ran inside the clockhopper to find a man tampering with its controls .

"Salty ;depth shot now ",Creatatia yelled then sauropod shot an intense water blast at the man .

The water blast was so strong he was knocked thru the window and he started falling to his doom !

Luckily a tapajara cot him and dropped him in front of Jonathan who tied the man up and left him in the corner !

(Some ware else I the city )

Ace and penny used there sonic blast and toxic twist attack on several hoodlums wile chomp and steak electrocuted others with with lightning strike and energy spike !

Mean wile Rex twisted ones arms out of place and Rod beat a man with his own hover board .

Max punched a man right in his face wile Laura jumped on another's shoulders and covered his eyes jumped off just before he crashed into a wall .

Ben kicked one in his stomach while Sue maced another !

Killer (the snake that was acting a LITTLE nicer )snapped at one and Lena the unicorn blasted one with a laser from her horn( fantasy ray )Raphael punched one out and Tina bit one meanwile Teddy the megatherium punched a thug all the way onto the roof and predator the beetle snapped at ones leg !

"Max even though were in city limits as long as were In danger we won't get in trouble for having our Dino's go big" Rex said taking down another thug !

"You read Max" Rex ask ?

"I've mist this ",answered Max with a smirk ?

"Dino slash ",yelled Max then chomp floated in the air glowing yellow and rings of lightning slid down his limbs making them huge .

Then more ring made his tail and horns massive until a giant full sized triceratops was in his place .

Chomp scared away the last of the criminals but then a Minotaur with a hammer appeared and so did in unmanned motor cycles with lasers !

"This may be about to get ugly ",said Raphael .

"Ya think ",replied Sue snidely .

In present day Zoe and Reese went back home early so Reese could work and check on the junior d-team members ;meanwhile Zoe went to visit her cousin Rika in Shinjuku (yay imma do it ).

Then then they started to notice the prehistoric appearing around the word and even at home .

Now Mia and Tim took the teleported in the Augusta ,Georgia and were looking for two signals that were in a large golf course .

" We should be getting close to one of the prehistoric, "Mia said.

"Slide ,Handy ,and Tim, be ready for a fight; if this thing is hostile we'll have to fight "Mia announced !

The they all herd a scream and a roar behind some trees and they ran to assist the person but instead they saw a boy with a caddy hat and suspenders riding the back of and altirhinus .

Mia scanned the reptile quickly .

"Altirhinus ,it's name means high nose (unsurprisingly ) and it lived around the early/middle Cretaceous ,it was an herbivore and iguanodont "Mia red out loud .

"It's a grass type ,and this particular one is the scan says probably knows super impact ,green tackle , moss attack "she continued .

"Reese said that if we find a dinosaur around any civilian keep it away from them "Tim said confused .

"Yes but he's not attacking any thing" the little penguin said just as confused .

"Let's go talk to them" Mia suggested .

"Um ,excuse me Handy" said in his pompous voice .

"How exactly are we to catch up with the two of them when the all most to far away to catch" the pompous ammonite ask .

Mia and Tim chased the boy(who's name was Dewey and altirhinus for 10 minutes then he started to explain thing to them starting with how he new the senior d-team members and the altirihnus from the last time they were in Augusta .

"So when I opened the egg thing I saw two cards I recognized and others I didn't" ,Dewey explained.

"One card turned into Al who remembered me from a year ago ,and a what I thought was a georgeosaurus "he continued .

"The georgeosaurus disappeared and since then I've been hearing roomers about sighting of it all over the golf course "he finished !

Well let's call Reese and Zoe and talk to them about it .

Mia pulled up Reese and Zoe (on split ;via dino lounger ) who where both preoccupied seemingly .

Zoe said high to Dewey while dodging a lightning blast .

They explained quickly .

And Reese said she'd send them something while ducking into a ally way .

All of a sudden a dino lounger and and copy fire and grass stones appeared in front of them with the light from the telapoter !

Ok I guess she wants you to have these ,Tim suggested giving Dewey the the stones and device !

Ok thanks Dewey said excepting them .

"Now I know it's a bit much to but since we couldn't bring our friend Kin with us because Georgia is a little to close is a little to close to his home" Mia said ?

"What .... "Dewey asked ...?

"We don't want him to escape .....",Mia admitted .

"Well that be cool ,Dewey said" .

"You up for it Al"Dewey asked his now baby sized altirihnus ".

"What the hay all answered"!

All of a sudden a laser beam almost hit the trio .

They looked up to see a man in a wight suit ,tie and sunglasses on a flouting platform with railing and below him was a giant lethal , fierce looking giant robot dog with red eyes !

Ken got a quick scan before Mia applied what her dino longer battling manual explained to her!

she hit a button turning her penguin into a card !

"Dino slash she yeld slashing card down the slot of the dino lounger with it blasting glowing Ice and snow.

"Go palleodypteas , chill them out " she yelled .

(Slide's silhouette with turquoise glowing eyes floats in the air and starts to spin then snow and ice covers his two flippers and feel making them all larger ! The more glowing ice and snow makes his body ,feathers ,and bill mutch bigger the his ice transform shooting of ice and in a turquoise flash he's in battle battle mode! He the lets out a honk with giant snow flakes floating behind him !)

"Are you sure wear ready to battle ;especially against something that isn't a dinosaur ",Tim asked!?

"No I'm not but that dog robot thing can't be here to take kidnapped any one " Mia replied honestly !

"I need you and Dewey to find that geogeosaurus and get it to safety before this guy who I assume is after it to gets to it "she with protective bossiness taking over !

Hunter 16 attack the man yell make the the robot dog scratch the penguin and blazing speed !

"Oh no are you ok Mia called looking at the scratch on the penguin stomach "!

"I'm fine ",slider said before standing up read to to fight !

"Be carful " Tim said before scanning the robot and running of with Dewey who was looking terrified !

"Avalanche " the girl yell slashing another card making ice and snow cover her penguin before it slid on its belly tackling the robot !

But but hunter 16 countered by raping it's long tail around Slides neck and slamming him to the ground in front of Mia !

Slider ,Mia scream running to the penguins !

Mia go back the penguin begged in a tiredish voice !

The man on the plate form just watched .

"Who are you and why are you even doing this" Mia cried !

"My name is Zazin "he said in a cool calm voice !

"I am a member of F.A.D.E (fighters against dinosaur entanglement ) and me and my colleges are her to capture contain or kill any and all prehistorics "he said with a plane calm heartless expression or maybe it was just the sun glasses .

"Why would you do that "Mia cry getting upset!

"To prevent the day ...... When dinosaurs shall rule the Earth once more ",he said looking just a sserious Mia !

Both combatants pulled out the cards and devices ready to battle as the robot and penguin recovered read to fight !


Well I'm done !

I'd subject you watch dinosaur king on you tube if you haven't all ready !

Also if you want to tell me any thing you'd like to critique leave me constructive criticism (I WILL SEE IT AND RESPOND )!

I you like it like it ;your thumb won't fall off .

If this is your favorite movella fav it ;if you get addicted that-is -not -my fault!

Thaaaaanks !!!!!!

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