Dinosaur King :Into The Future

35 million years ago dinosaurs ruled the Earth .1 year ago a family saved all of time and space from oblivion at the cost of never seeing one another again ; that's what they believed anyway .

Rex has returned and their is trouble brewing in the future as . The dinobattle game has changed and the Prehistorics and Earth have a new threat .

So I'll try explaining the new things in this fanfic:

1.Rex parents made a new time machine called the clockhopper

2.Seth gave Rex and the alpha gang a present, by fixing
Chomp,Ace,Paris,Terry,Spiney,and,Tanks card ,only now while in small form they can use they're powers on a small scale and without a cards (yes like pokemon ,but go with it for now -_-)

3.The alpha gang has done the one thing in a year no thought they would do in forever ; Become successful . Ursula is a world renown fashion designer and care taker of Terry the t-Rex and Iguano the Iguanodon . Zander is still single and some how the owner


1. intro :The gifts of the present

It had been a year , an entire year since the black terrarsaur and spectral space pirates defeat , since the alpha gang , the ancient , her sweet sweet Paris and Rex had all gone Zoe drake thought to her self walking to her friend Max's house . Normaly she would just push these horrid feelings down ,but today was the anniversary of that fateful day were she nearly lost both of her best friend and ........ Well she lost two for sure , her sweet , sweet Paris and Rex . Recently she had become friends with the newest members of the D-team . Nia Willow( American [and yes an exchange student ] , who got excepted into a "Japanese smarty pants school" , with her pudgy little friend Kin (a board little brainiac stuck in this country with no way of escape , no fun to be had (but reading SOMETIMES )and only some people to be smarter than, and also there was Tim max rival and know bud . Today they were headed to see Max's house so the D-team members would know the the full historic significant of the d-team blank and an infinity in the making .

Meanwhile all around the world egg like capsules with mysterious stone and cards were appearing all over the world but before question question and chaos could start Zoe and her friend walked in to Max's house .

"Hi kids Max's mom", said sweetly .

"Hi Ms Taylor mom" ,every one replied in unison .

Max was in the den in his usual cloths waiting on every one with yellow picks sitting on the table .

"Are these.......",Mia started.

"Our D-picks" , Kin finished in excitement!

"Yep those are it ",Max answered with a smiling

"There so cool thank you max "said Tim.

"Now that that's settled we need to tell you the complete truth about the D-team" .

The three new members sat as they told them what happened told them the story of what happened a year early .

"So that's it ",Zoe finished . "Now I know it sounds a bit ridiculous but, .......hay" !

Zoe saw no one on the couch . Her and max looked around the corner to fined Mia , Kin ,and Tim were scurrying to get the front door open .

"Oh my goodness there coming screamed Kin !"

"I had a feeling this would happen",Max said now looking dejected as ever ,

"And it's not like we can prove to them ",Zoe said now tearing up a bit .

"Wait Zoe you crying Kin and Mia", said in unison running to her .

"We'er sorry we didn't mean to make you cry ",Mia said holding Zoe's hand.

"I'm not gunna cry and it's ok that story does sound crazier and crazier every time I tell it ", Zoe said wiping the almost tears from her eye.

"So you at least get why I'm scared of you now ,especially now that I know you need a key to get OUT of you house Max ", Tim said snidely .

"Believe me Tim know One is trying to keep you here , but that is wired tho", Max replied .

Suddenly 3 egg shaped capsules appeared and fell on the rookies heads and then a giant x-jet like space ship appeared in the back yard . Then the boy they had missed for so long had finally returned and Max and Zoe before any one noticed talked him to the ground in a giant hug .

"Don't break my skull" ,(you don't know how much I missed you )Rex said.

Also with him were more d-team members : (part timers)rod and Laura, as well as four more rookies ,Raf ,Sue,Ben,and and stole away Tina.

Then a bunch of little creatures ran out of the ship : Chomp the triceratops , Ace the Carnotourus ,Paris the parasauralaphus Steak the Styracosaurus , and Penny the pyitznakysaurus.

"Rex how did you get back ",Zoe asked wright before kissing Paris on her crest as Mia , Kin and Tim were all staring at this with there jaws in the grass and Raf ,Sue,Ben and Tina were looking similar .

"Well there's really no time to explain I need you to get packed as quick as possible and get Dr Taylor and my dad I'll pick up Reese and I have some clothes for those three ",Rex gasped try to stay focused and not break into tears like his friends "!

After a year Max and Zoe snapped back into emergency mode.

Max ran inside stuffed his back pack with cloths and snacks draged his parents into the space ship and the all the rookies .

The flew in stealth mode let Zoe get some clothes and her parents and then they flew to the D-lab to pick Reese her equipment and then the entered the time portal .

"Ok now that were all here Rex's mother (Dr Creatatia ancient ) this is the clock hopper a new time machine as you all may have guessed . This we are all headed to the future to one :spend time with one another two figure out what's another dinosaur related potential disaster with some knew help any questions ?

Every one except Rex,Lara and rod raised their hand.

oh my I think we should wait till we make it to the future .

Ok so you know the drill , constructive criticism below .

if you can make the TIME (pun intended ;-)) visit my other movels and for a prequal to all this you can watch both seasons of dinosaur king on youtube.

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