Dinosaur King :Into The Future

35 million years ago dinosaurs ruled the Earth .1 year ago a family saved all of time and space from oblivion at the cost of never seeing one another again ; that's what they believed anyway .

Rex has returned and their is trouble brewing in the future as . The dinobattle game has changed and the Prehistorics and Earth have a new threat .

So I'll try explaining the new things in this fanfic:

1.Rex parents made a new time machine called the clockhopper

2.Seth gave Rex and the alpha gang a present, by fixing
Chomp,Ace,Paris,Terry,Spiney,and,Tanks card ,only now while in small form they can use they're powers on a small scale and without a cards (yes like pokemon ,but go with it for now -_-)

3.The alpha gang has done the one thing in a year no thought they would do in forever ; Become successful . Ursula is a world renown fashion designer and care taker of Terry the t-Rex and Iguano the Iguanodon . Zander is still single and some how the owner


4. golf ball braw

This was Mia's first dino battle and she had to slash cards ,Dodge lasers, and , fight all at the same time .

The jerk on the floating plat form chased her threw the thicket shooting lasers at her while she ran and slashed another card ,which aloud slide to counter another laser with a reflective ice dome (ice barrier ) .

The lasers damaged the robot dog a bit ,but it deflected a lot of it with the razor on its tail ! But one of the lasers hit the boys platform and it cashed with him falling in front of but still a ways away from Mia !

All of a sudden a cloud appeared and dropped swords in front of Her on the ground she picked them up and then looked over at Slide.

"I sent those to you Mia ;there enchanted ,he called "!

The guy got up and shot a laser from a wight revolver at the girl in wintery cloths but she blocked it with the ice razors and it almost deflected into the spiky haired boys face !

"This will not save you ;you know the boy said blankly" .

"My predator 16 is made to kill prehistorics ".

"And I do believe your a novice batter with very little hand to hand combat training as well, he said throwing a kick at Mia which she blocked with her sword handle "!

Mia tried to counter with a slash but he dodged and jump on to a tree branch and started shooting at her !

What he didn't know is how talented a gymnast she was she flip out of his aim and snuck up on him and kicked in his back !

"I'm not going down that easy", Mia hissed !

Zazin Stood up obviously annoyed even behind his shades !

" I think you should have chosen a different day to ware that pretty wight suit" ,she said a little more confident than she actually felt!

One thing was for sure one of them had to go down !


Tim and Dewey finally found the georgeosaurus at a watering hole else ware in the golf course !

"Well, according to Reese were going to have to battle it ,Tim gulped ."

"Are you ready to do this Handy,Tim ask the ammonite" !

"Please , ill make quick work off this simple creature ,the intelligent prehistoric boasted darkly readying his tentacles "!

Before Tim could slash his card for his first dino battle a small (in comparison to it )orb hit geogeosaurus in the jaw ,knocking him over !

"That was truly a mistake ,the carnivorous dinosaur's voice echoed"!

The orb turned into a large monkey with an orb body and limbs sticking out !

"This is were you fall prehistoric ,the monkey threatened"!

"Wow is that a robot monkey, Dewey exclaimed "!

"I do believe it is ,Tim said starring "!

The robot shot a barrage of missiles at the dino ,and they were blow up by a fire breath !

Geogeosaurus charged the contraption but it turned into a ball and rammed the dinosaur in the leg ,tripping him !

The monkey then proceeded to coil his long tail around the dinosaurs throat .

"That's a brutal little guy ;we have bing him down ,Tim said once again about to slash his card" !

"Stop stating the obvious and just do it ,the parapuzosia sighed doing his equivalent to a palm to his for head ".

Tim stood staring straight ahead in annoyance for a moment then finally got started .

"Dino slash ,Tim yelled slashing his card making what look like like lightish purple ghosts appear" !

"Show em what fear looks like parapozosia ,yelled Tim "

The purple energy formed rings all around then ammonite and the moved down his arms making the glarger and longer !Then the same happened to his two tentacles and crest ! Lastly a ghostly purple glow shined from his eyes and he let out a roar now fully transformed !

"Were going to discuss that last thing you said ,the now full grown prehistoric sighed ".

"Now ,on guard mechanical primate ,said the ammonite as he stretched his arm a mile award and warped it around the robot and slung it into the watering hole making it ship twice before it submerged and Handy jumped in his self" !

The Geogeosaurus then caught its breath and proceeded to flee !

"Dewey Handy and I can take the monkey ;you go after that dinosaur ,said Tim !

"Okay ,Dewey said unsure of him self" !

Dino slash ,he yelled making a green light appear in the place of his card which turned into his trusty altirihinus !

As Tim waited on his ammonite and it's combatant to rise from the water and Dewey and Al raced after the geogeosaurus with distracted golfers not to far away , Mia was still battling the annoyed Zazin !

Zazin shot at Mia wile she swung on tree branches to dodge the laser fire !

She deflected one ,and it knocked one gun from his hand !

she jump towered him and tried to slash him but he kicked her sword handle to the ground !

She grabbed the branch he was standing on ,swung on it ,and kicked his other revolver far away !

The she tried to hit him with her last saber but he ducked and knocked her of but she grabbed his leg and they both crash in the ground .

"Why do you have to be so cute ,he sigh now standing over her holding her sword" ?

But before he could impale her the sword turned to snow !

"What ,he said confused before Mia got up and karate chopped him "?

He fell to the ground and his sun glasses fell off !

"Why do you have to be so cute ,she said in a near correcting tone "?

"Snow bazooka, she yell now slashing a card thru her dino lounger making her penguin spin like a drill and go wright thru the robot and it surprisingly turned into a card "!

Mia then called Tim on her dino lounger !

"So what's the sich on the georgeosaurus ,she ask"?

"Well Kim Possible Tim teased "

(Tim explains )

"Ok ,Mia said before hanging up and turning to her penguin "!

Ok ,so Dewey went after the geogeosaurus by him self and Tim and Handy are fighting a robot monkey,she explained !

"And wow that was an odd sentence she continued" .

Then not wanting her penguin to be seen she borrowed a golf kart and left Zazin and all his things I'm separated ice domes!

"This isn't over Zazin hissed ,as she left to help Dewey ".


I haven't updated any movels in 4evaaaaaaa! I feal the need to apologize to ................ To who ever might be reading .

Anyway by for now . :-3

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