Dinosaur King :Into The Future

35 million years ago dinosaurs ruled the Earth .1 year ago a family saved all of time and space from oblivion at the cost of never seeing one another again ; that's what they believed anyway .

Rex has returned and their is trouble brewing in the future as . The dinobattle game has changed and the Prehistorics and Earth have a new threat .

So I'll try explaining the new things in this fanfic:

1.Rex parents made a new time machine called the clockhopper

2.Seth gave Rex and the alpha gang a present, by fixing
Chomp,Ace,Paris,Terry,Spiney,and,Tanks card ,only now while in small form they can use they're powers on a small scale and without a cards (yes like pokemon ,but go with it for now -_-)

3.The alpha gang has done the one thing in a year no thought they would do in forever ; Become successful . Ursula is a world renown fashion designer and care taker of Terry the t-Rex and Iguano the Iguanodon . Zander is still single and some how the owner


5. Georgia's spirit

Mia drove in the direction that Al's signal was coming for trying not to bring attention to her self .Luckily the ANGC seemed to have been having a slow day with no tournaments !

Mean wile Zazin was starting to free him self from the ice dome ,Dewey was closing in on the georgeosaurus !

Tim was still waiting on Handy and or the robot to rise from the water ! Just below the water surface Handy was doing a good job attacking the monkey robot !

"Im no water type but water does give me quite a boost, the ammonite explained a bit darkly swinging the robot into a rock in the on the floor of the watering hole "!

"I've been waiting to get in the water and dismantle something since I was stuffed in that retched card by who knows what he growled angrily "!

Then he held the monkey towards the surface ,aimed a ectoplasm charged beak at it and blasted it clear out of the water !

The robot flew out of the water and before hitting the surface again a tentacle stretch out of the water and grabbed the monkey and slam him into a huge rock !

Even tho this meant that his parapozosia was winning ,somehow seeing the that part of the fight just terrified him of that thing further !

Mean will Dewey had finally got the georgeosaurus to stop !

"Why can't you all just leave me be ,the dinosaurs voice thunder in a empty part of the golf course with no people "!

"We just wanna being friends with you Dewey ,said trying to calm the beast down" !

"I was friends with Georgia but mama ate her so why do I want to do that again ,the angry teary eyed dinosaur almost wailed "!?

"Oooooh uuuuummmm, was all Dewey could get out ".

Oh I think this is a little predator pray trama ,Al whispered !

"What's that dewy whispered back ,it's when like when predators a pray would like to be friend with one anther and there parent eat or smush or what ever they do in front of one of then and it messes em up for the rest of there life's ,Al explained as if he had just ask Dewey to go to the store ".

Dewey ignored how disturbingly calm that was and ask how do they get thru to him !

"Ok I'm Al this is Dewey ;no one is going to hurt you or us if you help us keep each other safe Al said in a gentle voice "!

"Like a pack ,the georgeosaurus ask "?

"Yes like a pack ,and packs protect each other from dangers like that ,Al answered making a giant carnivorous plant pop out of the ground and eat a laser then fire it back at the robot dog of whom shot it (monstrous marigold )"!

"Prepare to die dinosaurs,Zazin said coldly on top his repaired platform "!

"Let's take him Al ,called Dewey "!


The monkey had finally manage to sneak a blast on the ammonite and he fell into some near by trees !

The monkey appeared standing on a branch in front of Handy !

"Now you fall as prehistorics must the robot monkey screeched" !

A tentacle rapped around the robot and threw him far away as the ammonite rolled it's giant eyes !

"Oh my goodness you awesome..........and scary ,time yelled up the tree "!

"Sigh ,why do humans enjoy stating the obvious so ......, handy stated pompously "!

".............your mean.........,Tim said ".

"Again with the obvious he said before creating a portal to Al and Dewey's location "!

"Your also really awesome .........,Tim continued ".

"Ok,just stop ,Handy said in a semi -condescending ,nice-ish way "!


When Tim and Handy arrived the monkey feel out of the sky with heavy damage !

The georgeosaurus was frozen ,while Al tried his best to combat the swift agile canine!

A laser canon on the

unmanned floating platform aimed at Georgeosaurus but it simply shot a rock when Dewey hit it with a golf ball !

All of a sudden geogeosaurus shot a fire ball a the the giant robot dog and monkey and blew the both up !

Right then Mia and Slide pulled up in a golf kart !

"Did we miss every thing Mia ,sighed "?

"Yep , I think so Tim joked "!

"You relies this is what this means Zazin ask said rising with bruises all over his body from Dewey's golf club" !

"Yay ,that you got you but beat twice and you can go back were you came from , SOOOOON ,Tim chuckled "!

"No it means me and my comrades no who els to take the fight to ,he hissed before snapping a picture with his shads of all the kids" !

"He then grabbed his cards and revolved and flew away on the platform "!

"All four prehistorics blasted at Zazin but he simply vanish into thin air just like he had a teleporter some were "!


"So what made you help us Smokey ,Dewey ask his newest dinosaur friend" !

"Not only did you need help I didn't want you hurt ;I don't really know ",smokey the newly named dinosaur answered .

"Well Reese will probably be calling you with info if no one visits ,said Mia "!

"Be sure to stay in touch, by Tim called as he ,Mia ,slide and Handy started to disappear "!

"Byyyee,Dewey , Al ,and smoky called" !

And in a flash of light they were back in the d-lab !


Ok sorry about any mistakes .

next chapter is Kin ,Reese , poncho !

You all awesome X3!

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