Story Of My Life

Basically, A love story.


6. What are you doing here?

      "Hey Jay" Derek said

        I shook my head "You're not suppose to be here"

        He looked at the ground "look I'm sorry"

        I looked at him "No you're not, you left me, left Hunter, You broke his damn heart ya know"

        Derek didn't look proud "I know, I'm sorry I left, I just needed to clear my head"

        I pushed him back "Clear your head my ass, you cheated on my damn brother with a girl and couldn't face him for it"

        "what's going on?" Jason asked

        I sighed "Jason, This is Derek my brother's ex"

        Jason looked confused "So if he cheated why did he leave"

        Derek sighed "I left with the girl I cheated with because she claimed she was pregnant"

        I looked at him "It's been 2 years don't you have a kid you should be taking care of"

        Derek shook his head "She was never pregnant she just wanted me for my body"

        Now that I remember Derek was an athlete a good one at that "So basically she dumped you as soon as you left Hunter"

        Derek nodded "I still love him Jay"

        I sighed and backed away from the door "Come on in, I'll call Hunter"

        Jason showed Derek into the living room. while I called Hunter

        "What do you need baby sis?"

        "Hey Hunter, Derek's back and he wants to talk to you"

        He suddenly sounded very serious ''I'll be home in a minute"

        I hung up my phone, and walked back into the living room, Jason was showing Derek how to play COD Black ops, I sat down in Jason's lap  and kissed his cheek

        The front door opened, and Hunter walked into the room, Derek quickly stood up "Hunter I'm sorry"

        Hunter walked up to him "No you're not"

        Derek nodded "Hunter I'm sorry, I'm sorry I cheated on you, I was drunk, and I wasn't thinking clearly"

        Hunter grabbed Derek's collar and kissed him forcefully "Next time I won't be so forgiving"

        Derek nodded and hugged Hunter, The door bell rang

        "THE DOOR'S OPEN" I yelled

        "Literally" Ryan yelled back, "Is someone else here?"

        David ran into the room and jumped over the couch, "Hey everybody.....Oooh someone new"

         David Launched himself off the couch and over behind my brother "Who that?"

        Hunter pointed to Derek "This is my Boyfriend Derek"

        David hit Hunter on the back "Congrats man,,,,,Wait the Derek that cheated on you and ran away to Washington"

        Derek nodded "I admitted my wrongs, and have apologized"

        David nodded in understanding, He walked over to the couch and sat down by Ryan, She laid down on his lap, and smiled up at him         

        "So what are we doing tonight?" Derek asked

        Jason and I looked at the time 12:59, We smiled "Internet time"

        Jason grabbed the keyboard and the mouse, we sat down and pulled up Archive of our own, and searched for DaveKat smut. I sat up quickly "wait, what Zodiac signs are here"

        Hunter smiled "Gemini, Derek's a Aquarius"

        Ryan coughed "Capricorn, and David's a Taurus"

        I looked at Jason "I'm a Leo"

        I smiled "Cancer. OTP!"

        Jason looked at David for help "OTP?"

        "OTP mean's One True Pairing" Derek explained 

        Jason nodded in understanding, I searched for Erisol, PB & J, and Katnip.




        After awhile Derek and Hunter went to get some sleep and to get to know each other better if you get what I mean, Ryan and David went home. Jason fell asleep as well, and I just continued writing random crap, I noticed I had some new messages

        "I told you to leave him alone"

        "You're a no good slut, and everyone knows it,"

        "He's gonna leave you and come running to me"

        "He liked that kiss, and you know it"

        I slammed my computer shut , and cried into my arm, I felts hands rub my shoulders "Babe what's wrong?"        

        I tried to sniff my tears back "I'm fine"

        He shook his head and kneeled down beside me "You're crying"

        I shook my head, Stood up and forced a smile "I'm fine really go back to sleep"

        He stood up and hugged me "You're not OK"

        I hugged him back. and he rubbed my back "Why were you crying"

        I pointed to my laptop, he grabbed it and sat on the couch, he opened it "What's your password?"        

        I sat down beside him and held out my hands like a little kid would "Gimme"

        He handed me my laptop, and I typed in the password, and handed him back the computer "Here" 

        He took it, and looked at the messages, he set it down on the coffee table, and hugged me "It'll all be ok, I'll talk to the Bitch"

        I nodded softly and curled into his chest "Jason"


        I looked up at him "Do you really like me???"

        He smiled "Jamie I love you" He kissed my nose and my face scrunched up "I love it when you do that you look so cute"

        I giggled softly "I'm not cute"

        He chuckled "Yeah you are"

        I shook my head "No I'm adorable"

        He chuckled again a little bit more softly "I love you Jamie, you don't know how much"

        I smiled and curled closer to him, I listened to his heartbeat "Jason"

        He started playing with my hair "Hmm"

        "Have you ever done it"

        He didn't answer for a few minutes "I have"

        I sat up "Oh"

        He shook his head "it didn't mean anything tho, I was drunk"

        I nodded and stood up, I walked over to the tv and turned it off, I started towards the stairs, "Are you coming?"

        He smiled and followed me up the stairs



        The next morning I woke up to birds chirping quietly, and the sun hadn't even risen,I stifled a yawn. and looked over at Jason, who was sleeping on my pull out couch, I stood up and streched

        "What are you doing up?"

        I spun around to see Derek, I smiled "Just felt like waking up"

        He motioned for me to come out into the hall "What's up Der?"

        He sighed "He's not forcing you to do anything right?"

        I nodded "No he's being a great Boyfriend"

        Derek smiled "You'll tell me and Hunter if he does anything right?"

        I nodded, and looked back into the room where Jason was sleeping "I think I love him Der"

        "Love is a wonderful and mysterious thing Jay"

        I walked past him and took a shower, when I walked out it was almost 7:00, I walked down the stairs following the promising smell of Bacon, when I got down there Derek and Hunter were having a massive make out fest "Dudes keep it PG"

        They broke apart and smiled "Your boyfriend left, he said he had to get home"

        "Are you sure you didn't murder him while I was in the shower?"

        They nodded "Pretty sure"

        I giggled, and ate the food they put in front of me, My phone started vibrating 

        "Are you free tonight?"

        I smiled "Depends what for?"

        "There's a party at my house tomorrow night, and I thought you might wanna come, and drag Jason with you" 

        I smiled, Erik has been my best friend since we were 2 "I'm free"

        "Awesome see you tonight. P.S there will be alcohol"

        "Thanks for the warning"

        "Welcome, Love ya Jay"

        "Love ya too Eri"

        I shoved my phone in my pocket, and scarfed the rest of my food, I ran upstairs and looked around for some clothes, I took out my phone, and texted Jason

        "Hey Babe"


        "Are you free tomorrow night?"

        "Sorry, gotta study"

        "K, love you"

        "Love you too"

        I sighed and flopped on my bed, "What to do, what to do"

        A pebble hit my window, I sat up and looked outside, Jason was siting on the tree branch right outside my window, I opened the window "Are you dumb"

        He pulled out a necklace box, and handed it to me "Here, I thought you might like this"

        I smiled, and opened the box, it was a red glass heart, on a silver chain "Thank you"

        He smiled brightly "You're welcome, Now I really have to go study, I love you"

        He kissed my cheek and hopped down from the tree, I closed the window and put the necklace on, I sat down at my laptop, and started going through some stories that I was reading at the moment. I clicked on one and got sucked into it





        The next day, my phone was ringing off the hook, I took and clicked the number


        "OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG"

        "Ryan what's wrong?"

        "David and I did it"


        "You heard me I did it"

        I sat back in my bed "You guys were safe right"


        I sighed, and ran my hand through my hair "Wow Ryan"

        "I know right, We haven't talked to each other since he left last night, he's been messaging me, but I don't know how to reply"

        "I don't know either Rys"        

        She sighed "Jamie"


        "I really think he's the one"

        My thoughts froze, and everything got a little blurry "You remember what happened last time"

        I could hear her messing with her necklace I got her for her 10th birthday "Yeah I remember"

        I sighed "Be careful Ry"

        She didn't even say goodbye, she just hung up, I placed my phone on the nightstand, and picked up the heart necklace Jason had given me, I opened and closed the clasp over and over, I finally put it around my neck, My phone vibrated


        "Jamie, Where R U?"


        I giggled slightly "What Erik"

        "Finally I thought you had been abducted by Ninja Aliens"

        I laughed "Ninja Aliens"

        "Yeah, Hurry up and get ready The party's gonna start soon"

        "Alright B there in A bit"

        "thank you"

        I set down my phone, and grabbed a navy blue dress, random jewelry, and my black converse, plus a little bit of make-up, and the ring Erik got me for Christmas 2 years ago, I looked in the mirror, and smiled tonight was gonna be fun




        After I got to the party, Erik dragged in me into the room with all the alcohol, and got me some ginger ale, because he knows I don't drink

        "So Jamie how's Jason treating you?"

        I smiled "He's not kill able"

        Erik Laughed "You know he's here right?"

        I looked at Erik "He's at home studying"

        Erik shook his head "I saw him walk in the door, he's here"

        He grabbed my arm, "We'll find him"

        I smiled "OK"

        We wandered around the house,  until Nature called Erik, so he left me to wander around on my own, I walked over to a door, and knocked on it, no answer, I cracked the door a bit, it was a bedroom, with people in it, I threw the door opened, and stared at my boyfriend fucking another person 


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