Story Of My Life

Basically, A love story.


2. The Fair

   I woke up the next morning on the floor like normal I swear if I’m gonna fall asleep watching horror movies I’m gonna have to pick a new genre. I looked at my watch

            “SHIT!” I yelled as I got up

            I rushed into the bathroom and brushed through my hair, I ran back into my room, and looked through my dresser, I grabbed my AC/DC shirt, and some black jean shorts

            “JAMIE YOUR FRIENDS ARE HERE!” Hunter yelled

            I groaned and pulled my jacket on. “BE DOWN IN A SECOND”

            I ran down the stairs and grabbed my wallet, Once I hit the bottom of the stairs I was pulled into a back breaking hug “I’M SO SORRY WE DITCHED YOU!!!” David yelled

            I sighed “David put me down can’t breath”

            “Oh” he set me down and smiled “Ready to go to the fair?”

            I nodded, I was actually kinda looking forward to the night part of the fair.




            “Ryan where’d you last see your mom” I asked

            She shrugged “Over by the Ferris wheel maybe, she might be by the little kid rides cause she has my little sis with her”

            I groaned “You wanna use my phone to call her?”

            She shook her head “Her phone’s dead”


            We turned around to see Jason running towards us with a pretzel and a ‘I <3 NY’ baseball hat on. He stopped in front of us ”I have a race tomorrow and I’m eating this I’m gonna be so fat”

            Ryan chuckled a little bit “Jason you’ll be fine a pretzel won’t hurt you”

            He sighed and glared at her “Sure it won’t, I’ve been looking for you for 10 minutes”

            Ryan shrugged “I’ve been hanging out with Jamie”

            Jason looked at me, and jerked his head up in greeting

            I waved and started walking away, Until someone ran into me

            “I’m so sorry Jamie” David said

            I shrugged “It’s OK David what do you have”

            He held up some lemons “lemons”

           "Where did you get those?" I asked 

        He pointed to Erik "Erik dared me to go up to the Lemonade vendor and ask for a lemon the dude sold me 5 for a 1$"

        I smiled and squeaked as Ryan hugged me from the side “What’s up?”

            I shrugged. And She whispered something in my ear. I looked at her “What did you just say?”

            “Say hi to Jason”      

            I shook my head profusely “Nope nope nope no”

         She smirked "Then I'll do it for you"

         I grabbed her shoulder "You will do no such thing!"

        She looked back at Jason "JASON, JAMIE SAYS HI!"

        I stared at the ground, and continued walking. Ryan grabbed my arm, and pulled me back into stride with her.

        "Why are you too shy to talk to him" she asked

         I shrugged "I dunno"

        We all walked to the end of the rides line, where the trucks were parked, I leaned against a truck, David started throwing a lemon in the air

        "David throw me one" I said

        He tossed me one and i started tossing up, Cass walked over to the group with Calis

        "Ryan, Calis and I are going back to her house" Cass said

        Ryan shook her head, "Cass you don't have to do everything she wants you too"

        Cass looked over at Calis then back at Ryan "OK. Calis I'm gonna hang out here with Ryan"

        Calis looked pissed but she walked away, Cass, and Ryan started talking about something.

        Jason walked over to me "Hey"

        I waved, he looked over at Cass, and Ryan "Are they OK?"

        I shrugged "I think so"

        He nodded and turned away "HEY NICOLE OVER HERE!"

        A girl about 17, and who looked a lot like Jason walked over, Ryan came over and hugged her "Hey Nicole, this is Jamie"

        She smiled "Hi I'm Nicole, Jason's sister"

        I nodded "Jamie, just some random friend of Ryan's"

        Nicole smiled, Jason walked up to her ''Nicole if you need me I'll be over by the Fireball with a friend he said he won't ride it alone"

        She nodded and watched him walk away "Someone needs to anchor that boy to the ground" She mumbled

        Ryan took my lemon, I ran after "RYAN GIVE IT BACK"


        I stopped "It's not my fault i love him"

        She dropped the lemon and hugged me as hard as she could "OH MY GOD YOU ADMITTED IT!"

        I placed my hand on her mouth "You don't have to announce it to everyone at the damn fair"

        "Are we gonna ride anything?" David asked

        I jumped back in surprise and looked at the Frenzy "That is what we're in line for"

        David nodded and hugged Ryan, Nicole poked my shoulder "What?" I asked

        She pointed to Ryan and David "Are they dating?"

        I shook my head "David's her rent-a-boyfriend for the day since her real one couldn't make it sadly"

       She nodded and watched them walk off towards the line "What kind of music do you like?"

        I looked at her "Excuse me"

        She smiled "I was curious as to what kind of music you like?"

        I shrugged "It depends on what I'm in the mood to listen too"

        She pulled out her phone and texted someone. then looked back up at me "Sorry my boyfriend texted me"

        I smiled "It's alright"

        "Not to be a cat or anything but do you have a boyfriend?"

        I shook my head "The guy I like doesn't like me back"

        She smiled "Oh"

        We got into the line behind Ryan and David. Cass joined us in the line. Ryan hugged me "Is it wrong to be in love with another boy when you're already dating someone" she whispered

        I shook my head and smiled "Nothing's wrong with that"

        She nodded and started talking to David again. I sighed and pulled out my phone, Hunter had messaged me 

        "I see you, Do you see me?"

        I smiled, I looked up to see my brother waving at me, I waved back

        "Who's that?" Nicole asked

        I smirked "That's my brother, Hunter"

        She looked him up and down "He's cute, is he free"

        I laughed, and motioned for Hunter to join us in the line, Hunter immdietly walked over and hugged me "Hey baby sis"

        I shrugged him "I'm not a baby anymore, Hunter this is Nicole"

        She held out her hand "Hi"

        He smiled and started to talk to her, I poked David's shoulder, he turned around "Yeah what's up Jamie?"

        "Where did Asshole go?"

        He thought about it "Which asshole"

        "Which one is Jason" I asked 

        He held up four of his fingers "He's Asshole number 4 and he's at the Fireball"

        I nodded and saw that the line was extremely short and we were going to be riding next

         "How many of us are there?" Nicole asked 

        I looked over all of us "There's Ryan, David, Cass, Hunter, You, and Me. That's six of us we can all ride on the back side."

        She nodded and walked though the gate when the guard opened it, "You sit in the middle"

        All of us got on, and buckled up, Ryan grabbed my hand "Don't freak out again it won't kill you"

        I laughed and finished buckling the bar that went down my shoulders

        "HEY RYAN!" 

        We looked up to see Erik, holding lemons "CATCH IT!"

        "THAT'S ILLEGAL ERIK!" I yelled

        He looked at me "SO!"

        I laughed slightly as the ride started to move "HEY RYAN DON'T FALL!"

        Ryan and I looked at each other, as Jason yelled at her "SHUT UP JASON WE WON'T FALL!"        

        He laughed as if "yeah right", The ride started to go higher, I looked over at Nicole and my brother they were talking away. Nicole looked over at me "So you like my little brother"

        I blushed a million shades of red "Yeah"

        She laughed "He's a nice guy if he has the right girl with him"

        The ride swung higher and higher, I didn't want to look down but Ryan was talking to me so I had to look at her. she smiled "Hey maybe you should ask Jason out after the ride"

        I shook my head "NOPE!"

       Everyone started laughing except for me and Cass. The ride started to slow down Ryan started laughing for no apparently reason until I looked over at my brother snogging off with Nicole        

        "BRO GROSS!" I jumped off the ride and my legs were apparently not ready for walking, so I fell off the stairs leading off of the ride, I closed my eyes expecting the hard ground to meet my butt, but I never hit the ground, I looked up to see Jason smiling at me

        "You ok there?" he asked

        I blushed slightly as I stood up "Yeah thanks for the assist"

        He nodded "No problem"

        I walked over to where Nicole and Hunter were snogging off, and just before I poked them, someone poked me. I turned around to see Jason

        "Let them have their fun"

        I shook my head "I ain't gonna let my brother Snog off with a girl he don't truly know"

        Jason's eyes widened "That dude's your brother"

        I nodded my head "and he snogging off your sister's face"

        Jason rushed over to his sister and poked her on the shoulder, She stopped and looked at him, he whispered something in her ear, She nodded and walked away, Hunter followed her. but that's his problem. Jason walked back over to me

        "I have a question"

        My phone started going off, I held up one finger, I answered it

        "Have you seen Ryan" Ryan's Mom asked

        I motioned for Ryan to come over, I handed her my phone and looked at Jason "what's your question?"

        "Did you put the notes in my locker?"

        I shook my head "No, I didn't"

        He snapped his finger "Someone told me you did"

        I shrugged "Well they got their facts wrong"

        He nodded "I'm gonna go fine my sister"

        I nodded and walked over to Ryan, she handed me my phone "My mom says I can stay the night at your house, David's said his mom say he could as well"

        I nodded, and smiled "awesomeness"








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