Story Of My Life

Basically, A love story.


4. The Dance

   It's been a few weeks since my minor freak out when Jason was at my house. I've managed to cut down my drinking habits thanks to Jason's, and Ryan's help. Not by much, but some. Ryan and David are dragging me to the dance tonight. 

        "Since we only have a few minutes til the dance starts everyone can go and get ready if they wish and/or haven't already" Mr.English said

        I sat down in my seat and looked out the window. David came over to me and smiled "Jamie?''

        I looked at him "what's up?"

        He smirked "Can I fix your hair"

        I thought about it and shrugged "I don't care David"

        He smiled and braided my hair in a waterfall braid going down my shoulder. The bell rang to send us down to the dance. I got up and followed David out of the room, we were meeting Ryan in the gym where the dance was being held. David grabbed my arm and pulled me down the stairs, We gave our tickets to the people at the door and walked into the crowded gym. "JAMIE!"

        I turned around to see Jason, He gave me a hug. I blushed and looked down at the white dress I was wearing. he looked at my outfit and whistled "What's with the get up"

        I looked at him "It's a dance."

        He sighed "so"

        I pointed to Ryan "She made me wear it"

        Jason hugged me again and took off looking for his friends. Ryan walked up to me "He's been getting awful huggy lately"

        I shrugged "He's been hanging out more too"

        Ryan leaned on me for a second before Alec came, she walked up to him and kissed him "Hey babe"

        He smiled slightly and sat down on the one bench. Ryan looked confused, I walked over to her. "Ryan"

        She looked at me "Yeah what's up"

        I slowed my breathing "I'm gonna do it"

        Her eyes widened "Do what?"

        I pointed to Jason "I'm gonna go up to him and tell him I like him"

        She gave me a thumbs up and smiled "Go get em tiger"

        I nodded and walked over to Jason, I poked his shoulder, He looked at me and smiled "Hey Jamie"

        I smiled "Can I talk to you?"

        He nodded. I looked over to the corner of the gym "Alone''

        He grabbed my hand and we walked over there. "What's up, you seem a little upset"

        I held up my fingers "I have two things to tell you"

        He nodded his head slightly "OK should I be worried"

        I shrugged "Depends on what you think."

        He nodded and crossed his arms. I took a breath "when I was 14 I got jumped by these two guys in high school. One held me against a wall, while the other used a knife to slit my back open, that's why I have those scars on my back"

        He looked upset "Why"

        I shrugged "I don't know"

        He hugged me "Did they get sent to jail"

        I shook my head "They got away with Probation"

        he looked at me. "thanks for telling me"

        He started to walk away but I grabbed his arm "I have one more thing to tell you"

        He stopped and looked at me "What?"

        I sighed. and took a deep breath "I really really like you"

        He looked shocked. Apologize by Onerepublic came on. and he just stood there "Y-you like me"

        I nodded suddenly very shy, then I just walked away. I ran over to Ryan, and hugged her "I can't believe I just did that"

        She hugged me "Let's go get something to drink"

        I nodded an followed her out to the food and drink station we got some cherry coke and sat down on the bench outside the gym "What exactly did you tell him"

        "I told him about what happened 2 years ago, and I really really like him"

        Ryan hugged me, and stood up. "We're leaving come on"

        I stood up "Where are we going?"

        She smiled ''We're gonna go talk to Jason"

        Mr.English walked up to me "Jamie your brother's here to pick you up"

        I nodded and walked to the front of the building. It was raining great, I put the hood of my jacket up and walked out into the rain. "JAMIE!"

        I turned around to see Jason running towards me. "What do you want Jason"

        He grabbed my shoulders and kissed me, in front of my damn brother, I looked at him shocked when he pulled away, "Message me later"

        He ran back into the building, I looked at Hunter who had a look of anger on his face "Go get him"

        I nodded and ran back into the building, I watched him run back into the gym, I ran in there, and watched as Jason kissed another girl, I ran out of the room, and out of the building

        Hunter grabbed my shoulders as I rammed into him crying "Sis what's wrong!?!?"

        I shook my head and walked to the car.




        ~Jason's Pov~

        as soon as I got home, I ran up to my room and grabbed my phone, No messages, checked my email No messages, checked my Facebook, Twitter, every social site i was on no messages

        "Didn't I tell her to message me" I thought

        "JASON DINNER" Nicole yelled from downstairs

        I looked up from my laptop "BE THERE IN A DAMN MINUTE"

        "WATCH YOUR LANGUAGE BRO"        

        I looked at my Facebook she was on, I started typing

        'Hey why didn't you message me?'

        I waited for a few minutes no answer


        'Why won't you talk to me?'

        I left a few messages, and got up maybe she's eating dinner or something


        ~Jamie's Pov~

        I looked at my messages

        'Hey why didn't you message me?'


        'Why won't you talk to me?'

        The tears ran down my cheeks burning them, I slammed my laptop shut and pulled out my phone, I dialed David's number


        "Hey Jamie what's up"

        I sniffed tears back "Can you and Ryan come over?"

        I heard him tell Ryan and his bed creaking "We'll be over in a few minutes"

        I sighed "Thanks"

        I hung up and flopped on my bed "Why me" I muttered and fell asleep



        When I woke up Ryan and David were asleep on the floor, I got up and opened my laptop. I had more messages 4 from Jason, 2 from Bitch, I looked at bitches messages

        "Stay away from him"

        "Or you'll die"

        I swallowed deeply, hasn't my life been bad enough I opened Jason's messages

        "hey why won't you answer me?"


        "what did I actually do that you're ignoring me?"

        I typed in a message, and crawled back into my bed



        ~Jason's Pov~

        My messenger pinged meaning I had a message, I ran over to it and looked, It was from Jamie. I pulled it up

        "You kissed her......."

        I froze, She saw that, and now she thinks I did,

        "Jamie I didn't want to kiss her"

        "She forced herself on me"

        "Please believe me"

        A few seconds later she replied "Sorry, but I can't"

        I shut my computer the one girl I actually liked thinks I just used her for a kiss. I looked at her friend's list and found her brother

        "Um....Hi Jamie's brother"


        "I didn't do anything on purpose sir"

        "What did you do anyway"

        I sighed this might be a long conversation

        "I'm guessing Jamie saw me kissing a girl after I kissed her"


        "NO NO NO....I didn't want to kiss the chick, I think you know her as Bitch, she hates Jamie, and She kissed me without warning I don't like her at all sir"


        "So you believe me"

        "Not really but a little bit"

        I sighed a little bit was better then none

        "so will you help me?"

        "Nope you want Jamie you better figure out a way to get her yourself"

        I sighed again of course this is not going to be easy









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