Story Of My Life

Basically, A love story.


7. Sibling?

      Jason looked over his shoulder, he looked surprised "Jamie"

        The tears threatened to fall, I gripped the necklace in my hand

        He stood up and wrapped a sheet around his waist "Jamie.....I"

        I yanked the necklace off, and threw it on the ground, it shattered into a million pieces "You never meant it, when you said you loved me you never meant it"

        Jason opened his mouth to speak, but he was interrupted by his partner "I told you Jamie, he would come crawling back to me"

        I ran out of the room, the tears ran down my face, I ran into someone "Jamie what happened?"

        I looked up at Erik "He.......he never loved me, it was all a lie"

        Erik wrapped his arms around me "It'll be alright, I promise"

        For some reason. His promise, was all I needed




        The next morning I woke up in Erik's bedroom, on the bed, Erik was fast asleep on the floor, I sat up and realized I wasn't wearing my dress anymore, I poked Erik with my foot "Erik"

        "He sat up slowly "What?"

        I pointed to the shirt and shorts I was wearing. He face-palmed and held out his phone, I looked at the conversation between him and Ryan, I couldn't stop laughing "You messaged my best friend to come and bring me clothes, and help me change"

        He blushed and nodded "I'm not a pervert"

        I laughed "Erik you're nothing but a pervert"

        He smiled "not really"

        I reached underneath his bed for the pile of playboy bunny magazines he had, I held one in front of his face "Not really my ass"

        "Hey those are my dad's"

        I smirked "Sure they are, Who was on the 2014 July cover"

        His eyes brightened "Julie Mahoney"

        He slapped his hand over his mouth, I laughed, and couldn't stop "So what, we all have a guilty pleasure, what about you reading those fanfics"

        I stifled my laughter "Those aren't guilty pleasure if they're not guilty"

        He laughed and stood up "You want breakfast"

        I nodded "Waffles"

        Erik was awesome at making Waffles, he smiled and nodded "Whatever you want Princess"




        After breakfast Erik declared that he wanted to drag me to the mall, I told him no. But like usual no's not an answer

        "Can we at least stop by my house?"

        He nodded "Only if you don't run away"

        I held out my pinky "Promise"

        He shook his head "We're too old for that crap"

        I chuckled "Says the kid that wanted a pokemon themed birthday party"

        He mocked hurt "No one's too old for pokemon"

        We started walking out the door, when the phone rang, he ran over to it "Yellow, Kyng Residence"       

        He waited a moment before nodding " Yes sir she's right here"

        He handed me the phone, "Hello"

        "Where the ever loving hell have you been!?!?!?!"

        I cringed at Hunter's tone of voice" I went to Erik's party"

        "Did you inhale smoke?"


        "Did you smoke weed?, Drink Alcohol?"


        "Have sex with someone?, Do Crack?"



        "I drank ginger ale, and crashed on Erik's couch"


        "Well" I questioned

        "Sorry Jamie I was worried, oh, and Jason called"

        I felt a tear run down my cheek "what'd he want?"        

        "he said he wanted to talk"

        Erik gave me a questioning glance

        "If he calls again tell him i don't want to talk or see him ever again"

        Hunter cleared his throat "What happened?"

        I hung up the phone, and looked at Erik "You OK Jamie?"

        I shook my head "No I'm everything but OK"

        He shook his head "Hey it just wasn't true love"

        "Says the guy who has a new girl every day"

        He sighed "Because I can't date the girl I actually like"

        "What was that?"

        He snapped back into reality "I didn't say anything"

        "Uh huh"

        He grabbed his keys "Let's get going"

        I smiled "Can I drive?"

        He shook his head "Not a chance shorty"

        I glared at him "I'm taller then you"

        He scoffed "By two inches"

        It's true I'm only two inches then him, except he's catching up to my 6'4" stature

        He grabbed my arm "C'mon"

        I groaned "But I don't wanna"

        He sighed "I'll buy you a pretzel"

        I smiled "You got yourself a deal cowboy"

        He smirked "What is up with your obsession with Pretzels"

        I shrugged "They're delicious"




        After we got to the mall, we ran into some apparently 'hot' chicks' as Erik says, he ditched me, so here I am sitting at a table, in the middle of the mall

        "Excuse me"

        I looked up to see a kid, Erik's and I age possibly a little older, "Is anyone sitting here?"

        I shook my head, and he sat down "Now there is, I'm Luke"

        I smiled "Jamie"

        He grinned "Cute name"


        "No prob, now what's a pretty girl like you sittin' alone in a mall"

        I shrugged "My friend ditched me"

        He looked appalled "That's not nice"

        Again I shrugged, and I was ready to change the subject "You're new"

        He nodded "How'd ya guess mate?'

        I smirked "Australian accent"

        He nodded with an impressed look on his face "Great job"

        A girl came over to the table "hey sugar, can I slip you my number"

        She grabbed my highlighter from my notebook, and made sure to lean down enough to show cleavage

        "Now honey" He pushed the girl away "I'm not interested"

        She slipped into the hands on hip pose "Well sugar you don't see a body like this everyday"

        I smirked and apparently Luke had enough of her bullshit he stood up and smiled "Look 'sugar' I've been all over and honey the only true bodies here that I can see is my own and Jamie's so if you'd excuse us we have a movie to catch"

        He took my arm and led me over to the theatre, over by the shake which was an old fashioned Ice cream parlor that had some epic milkshakes "so were you gonna ask me before you dragged me away to see a movie?"

        he gave me a grin "Would you join me for the viewing of how to train your dragon 2?"

        I giggled "Sure Luke"        

        He smiled and bowed "You like popcorn?"

        I shook my head, he looked worried "I love it"

        He chuckled 

        'HEY JAMIE!"

        I turned around to see Erik, he stopped in front of me and Luke "who's this?"

        "Erik, Luke, Luke, Erik"

        Luke held out his hand "Luke Connor"

        Erik shook his hand "Erik Kyng"

        Luke smiled "Nice to meet you mate"

        "You too man, Hey Jay we gotta get going"

        I looked at the floor "Oh....OK"

        Luke grabbed my hand "Until next time Jamie"

        I blushed "See ya Connor"

        Luke smirked and shoved his hands in his leather jacket and walked away. Erik grabbed my arm and dragged me towards the exit'

        "whoa Erik what's up?"

        "Don't hang with him, don't date him, don't fuck him"

        I stopped  "Why not?''

        he opened the car door "Get in"

        I shook my head "Why shouldn't I hang out with Luke?"

        He sighed and rubbed the bridge of his nose "I don't want you dating my brother OK"

        I stood there shocked "Why didn't you tell me?"

        He shook his head "I didn't think you would care"

        I leaned on my hip "You didn't think I would care!"

        He looked at me "So what you knew my mom moved out when I was three"

        " So I didn't know you had a brother!"

        "Jamie you've seen my house, remember my friend Kyle, I used to talk about him all the time"

        I nodded, Erik sighed "Kyle is Luke, when I was three Kyl- Luke was six, I had forgotten about him, until a few days ago when my mother called my dad telling him she was sending him my brother because he was getting out of hand"

        By now tears were in his eyes, I hugged him, he cried into my shoulder "Erik"

        He sniffed back tears "What?"

        "Why don't you want me dating your brother"

        He cupped my face in his hands and kissed me. he let go and backed away "Cause I like you, OK, I've liked you since we were 14 and we  played that game of 7 minutes in heaven"

        I smiled "Maybe, we could make it work"

        He looked at me "Are you serious?!?!?"

        I shrugged "Only if you want"

        He picked me up and spinned around "I love you"

        He hugged me and laughed "I promise I won't force you to do anything"

        I smiled This might work









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