Story Of My Life

Basically, A love story.


3. Night and Day

    I unlocked my front door and held it open for Ryan, and David

        "Do we want Faygo?" I asked

         David nodded his head vigorously, Ryan just mumbled something about her butt is vibrating, i walked over to her, and grabbed my phone out of her pocket. I put it under my ear


        "Hi Hope I was wondering if it was OK if I gave Jason your number"

        I thought about it "I don't care"

        "OK thank you he might be calling you in a few minutes"

        "OK talk to you later"

        She hung up, I set the phone down 

        "What did Ryan's mum want?" David asked

        "She wondered if it was OK to give Jason my number"

        He hugged me "I'm so glad you said yes"

        I Inhaled slowly "David can't breath"

        He nodded and let go of me, I headed into the kitchen to get our Faygo. when my phone started going off, I picked up

        "Dave Strider here"

        The person on the other end coughed "I must have the wrong number"

        I thought about it "Who are you calling for?"

        "Ryan, David, and Jamie"

        "Oh hey Jason"


        "Yeah, What's up"        

        "I was wondering if I could come over"

        I thought about it "I don't see why not."

        "OK where do you live"       

        I sighed "Where are you at, I'll pick you up"

        He sighed "I'm on West 2nd"

        "On my way" 

        I hung up the phone, and walked into the living room where David, and Ryan were asleep on the couch, I wrote them a note in case they woke up, grabbed my keys, and headed out




Once I found Jason he was sitting on the curb. I rolled down the window "Are you gonna get in or what?"

        he stood up and got in my car "Nice car"

        I nodded my thanks and headed down the road, he messed with his phone for a minute "Where's Ryan and David?"

        I looked at him "They're asleep in my living room on my couch"

        He nodded and looked out the window, "So where do you live?"

        I pulled into my driveway and put my car in park "here"

        We got out and I unlocked the door, as soon as we walked in I was attacked by a bear hug

        "Ryan let go" 

        She let go and smiled, then looked behind me "Why's Jason here?"

        "I wanted to hang out with you but your mom said you were here" 

        She nodded in understanding '"David's still asleep, the lazy ass mother fucker won't wake up"

        I smiled "You could go get the air horn"

        She nodded vigorously, and ran off to get the air horn, I looked over at Jason who was looking at a picture of my parents 

        "So where are your parents?"

        "They're dead" I mumbled barely audible

        He set the picture back down where it was sitting before he picked it up "Oh, If you don't mind me asking How long?"

        I counted the years on my fingers "10 years"

        He nodded slowly and looked over at Ryan who was running down the stairs, She ran into the living room, Jason started to walk that way but I grabbed his arm "you may want to stay here, the show's a whole lot funnier"

        He nodded and leaned against the wall, about 2 minutes later the air horn went off and Ryan came running out of the living room with David running right behind her. 


        Jason and I were laughing our asses off it was really funny until John gave us this Death Glare he's really good at, then we shut up. I looked at Jason

        "Do you wanna come help me in the kitchen?"

        He nodded and followed me into the kitchen, We grabbed Faygo, chips, cookies, candy, and any other junk food we thought we needed, We put in the movie and sat down. Ryan and David were still running around so we just watched

        "Do they always do this?" 

        I nodded "Basically every damned day"

        He nodded and grabbed one of the Faygos "What is this?"

        I smiled "Only the best kind of pop in the whole world"

        he drank some of it and said it tasted OK, I looked at the clock 12:59


        She ran over to me and looked at the clock, she started squealing, Jason looked at me confused, I smiled "Internet time"

        He nodded in fake understanding, I stood up and grabbed my laptop, and hooked it up to my TV, I sat back down on the couch, David sat down with Ryan in his lap on my right, leaving Jason on my left

        "What exactly is internet time?" he asked

        I smiled "It's when we get on a site called Archive of our own and looked up smut, and random words on the Urban Dictionary"

        He nodded "What's smut?"

        I looked at Ryan, and she started laughing her ass off, she held up a finger "Just show him"

        I nodded and filled in the search bar, I pointed to the screen "This my friend is smut."

        His eyes widened '' You mean to tell me you guys basically read porn"

        We all nodded "Every Friday night"        

        he laughed "I may have to hang out here more often on the weekends"



        We read a few of the fanfic's and watched some anime, Ryan and David had fallen asleep, so had Jason, I got up and walked into the kitchen and looked in my brother's liquor cabinet I grabbed the vodka and set it on the counter

        "What are you doing?"

        I turned around to see Jason "getting a drink"

        He pointed to the vodka "An alcoholic one?"

        I nodded "Sometimes I just need to let loose"

        He walked over and grabbed the vodka off the counter, he put it back in the cabinet where i had gotten it from and stared me in the eye "Don't drink"

        He walked out of the room, and I just stared at him, I followed him out of the room. and into the hallway leading to the stairs that lead to my brother's and I's room "Why not?"

        He shook his head "Because it's bad for your health"

        I shrugged it off and walked back over to the couch with a blanket i had picked up off the floor. I looked back over at Jason

        "Hey um...Jason would you like to stay the night I mean it's passed 3 in the morning"

        He nodded his head "Yeah if you don't mind"

        "I don't care the only person that would probably care is not here at the moment so you can stay in the guest bedroom if you want or I can pull out the couch and you can sleep on that, or there's a pullout in my room as well"

        He thought about it "I'm kinda curious to see your room so I'll take the pullout in there"

        I smiled "OK follow me"

        he nodded and followed me up the stairs to my bedroom, I opened the door and let him in. My room was basically your normal teenage geek's room, Homestuck Posters, Action figures on shelves, Drawing of Characters on the walls, and sketching desk, Stickers of geeky stuff on the top of my Laptop. A bunk bed tucked in the corner.

        "This is my room"

        He nodded and sat down on the couch "It's cute"

        I held my finger up "No it's not cute it's bad ass"

        He chuckled slightly "Yeah right"

        I opened up my closet which had a mini fridge, he had his mouth open "Now is it bad ass"

        He nodded, I handed him a cherry coke, he took it and drank some of it "Your room is pretty awesome"

        I smiled "Thank you, You wanna get up so I can pull out the couch or you can sleep on the bottom bunk if you want"

        he nodded, and stood up "I'll sleep on the couch"

        He helped me pull it out, I left the room to get him some pillows and blankets, when I walked back in he was looking at my pictures that I had drawn on the wall "These are really good"

        I blushed slightly "Thank you, even though they really aren't that good"

        He nodded "They are though"

        I pointed to the couch "It's made up, I put some basketball shorts in the bathroom that you can borrow to sleep in if you want"

        He nodded "Thanks"

        I pointed to the door by my closet "The bathroom's through there, Ignore the colors"

        He nodded as if unsure of what he was going into, He walked into the bathroom and realised what i was talking about, everything was black "You like black?"

        I nodded my head "It was either this or bright yellow, and I don't like yellow"


        I walked over to my bed and sat on the floor in front of my Xbox, I put in COD Black ops, and put it on player vs AI, I was in the middle of a battle when Jason sat next to me and grabbed my other controller "Can I play?"

        I shrugged "I don't care"

        We set up the next march, Player vs player, I won 32 times where he won 8 "Dude you suck at this game"

        He shrugged "It's just a game"

        I laughed and went to the xbox's main menu, I put on the music player and played Renegade by Styx

        "Oh mama I'm in fear for my life by the long arm of the law"

        Jason looked at me "What is this song?"

        I looked at him and smiled "Renegade by Styx, it's one of my favorite songs"

        He smiled and stood up, he walked over to the couch and jumped on it "How come you don't talk very much?"

        I shrugged "I'm just a shy person"

        He nodded "Well we should probably get to sleep, it's 5 in the morning"

        I shook my head "I don't sleep, why do you think I'm never at school on Monday"

        His eyes widened "You sleep all day Monday?"

        I nodded "Yeah and half of Tuesday"

        He looked purely amazed "So you barely sleep"

        I nodded and climbed up the ladder to my bed "I usually write stories, read stories, listen to music, or play my Xbox"

        He stood up and walked over to the edge of the bed "So you usually only get 37 hours of sleep a week?"

        I nodded "Yeah pretty much that or less"

        "How do you stay awake during class?"

        I thought about it "Coffee and candy"

        He climbed up the ladder and sat on the edge of it "Wow, are you a geek or something"

        I smiled "Yup sure am"

        He hopped off the bed "So are you gonna sleep"

        I shook my head "No, but if you want to sleep you can, I'm just gonna mess around on my laptop"

        He shook his head "I can't sleep, if someone else is awake, so what do you wanna do"

        I thought about it "You wanna go to Walmart?"

        He nodded, and went into the bathroom to change back into his jeans, when he came out I was pulling a new shirt over my head, I pulled it on quickly, and grabbed my jacket. He looked concerned "What's with the scars on your back"

        I shook my head "They're nothing"

        He grabbed my shoulder "They're dark scars, meaning they were deep cuts, What happened?"

        I shook my head I was on the verge of crying "Nothing happened"

        he looked me in the eye "Something happened"

        I lost it "JASON JUST FUCKING DROP IT!!!"

        he looked amazed I yelled, he dropped his head, and hugged me "I'm sorry"

       I started crying, we fell to the floor and he just held me while I cried, My bedroom door slammed open David, and Ryan were in the doorway "WHAT DID YOU DO TO HER!?!?!"

        I looked up, and sniffed back tears "He didn't do anything Ryan"

        Ryan looked unsure of if I was lying or not, I stood up and walked into the bathroom, I locked the door, and sat against it. everytime someone asked, I freaked out. Everytime.




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