Story Of My Life

Basically, A love story.


8. I wish.

        Over the next few days we hung out for a few hours then went home, or stayed the night at each others houses. I was 'heading' over to Erik's house, when Derek caught me.

        "Where do you think you're going little miss?"        

        I tried to think of an excuse "Over to a friend's house they're having a small get together with all of our friends"

        He pointed to my backpack "And a little get together involves a backpack?"

        I nodded "Yeah i'm staying the night"

        He grabbed my backpack "You are going to go to your room, until that boy comes around and asks us something"

        I sighed "Fine"

        He pointed upstairs "Go on up and call him"

        I trudged up the stairs "WHY DOES HE HAVE TO COME HERE"


        I faintly recalled not letting my brother not leave the house till Derek came here "UGHH"

        I flopped onto my bed, and pulled out my phone, I scrolled threw until I found Erik's number


        "Is a color not an answer."

        "Oh hey Babe"

        "Derek says you have to come get me"


        I sighed and laid down "I know but they love ruining my life"

        He sighed over the phone " can't actually come other to your house right now"

        "Why not"

        I heard giggling and somebody telling Erik to come back "Oh I understand"

        "Babe it's not what you think"

        I sighed "It never is"

        I ended the call, and searched for Ryan's number. I felt the tears start to run down my cheeks

        "Hey Jay"

        I sniffed back some tears "Hey Ry"


        I leaned back on the headboard and told her about the call I had just ended with Erik. she sighed "Well at least that's better then what happened to me"

        "What happened???"

        It was her turn to sniff back tears "He broke up with me"

        I shot up "WHY!!!"

        "Because Jay. I'm having a kid"

        "YOU'RE PREGNANT!!!!"

        "can I come over?"


        I ended the call and ran down to the porch, and waited for her car to pull in the driveway. once she pulled in I ran to her car and opened the car door, and got in "What happened, spare no details"

        She told me the story about how she went to a party a couple months ago and she slept with Kaleb, and now she was pregnant. and David thinks it's his so he broke up with her cause he didn't want to deal with it.

        "So what are you gonna do about the kid?" I asked

        She shrugged "I want to keep it but I don't know"

        "Does Kaleb know yet?"

        She shook her head, I hugged her "Well you gotta tell him sooner or later"

        She nodded "Later would be good"

        I smirked "Your later is when the baby is being born"

        she laughed "We could call him over for Internet time"

        I looked at her seriously "But is he OK with internet time"

        She shrugged "I don't think he's ever heard of it"

        I sighed, and got out of the car, I pulled my phone out of my pocket, and looked up Kaleb's number, I hit the call button and waited


        "Hey Kaleb"


        " who else would call you at 10:30 at night"

        "lots of people actually"

        "Either why Kale, I wondered if you would like to join Ryan and I for some internet time tonight?"

        He coughed "I can't say I would like to decline but I'm kinda at David's"

        I pulled the phone away from my ear, and covered the mic, "He's at David's I vote we get some eggs"

        Ryan nodded and turned on her car, I put the phone back to my ear "Well OK I guess, talk to ya later maybe?"

        I hit the end button, and jumped into the car, she pulled out of the driveway, and gave me her wallet so I could run into the store, I grabbed about 9 cartons of 24 packs of eggs, and waited in line. 

        "I don't get why she's mad at me tho"

        I turned around as I was paying for the eggs, I looked at Erik, he looked surprised to see me "Babe.....I"

        I held up a finger "I don't wanna hear it"

        He didn't stop though "But it wasn't what it sounded like I was playing with my little sister"

        "It's true"

        I looked around him to see a girl about 14. holding some flowers and chocolates "We were getting these to explain the situation"

        I was amazed by the fact that the girl was well spoken for her age, she held out her hand "I'm Lizzie, I'm 14, well almost 15, and I'm Erik adopted sister, and Luke says Hi"

        I'm pretty sure I looked like I was in shock, "Are you OK babe"

        I nodded slowly as the cashier handed me my bags of eggs. Erik pointed to them "Why are you pulling out plan B number 207?"

        I smiled 'You do listen"

        He smirked and nodded "I do listen, especially when you think I'm not, and I want in on the egging thing"

        I shrugged "If you want to deal with a pregnant girl why the heck not"

        "David got Ryan pregnant"

        I paused "No his cousin did"

        Erik looked confused as frig "Excuse me"

        I smirked "I'll explain on the way there"

        He nodded and Lizzie dropped the stuff into a return basket, and walked over to me and smile which scared me the smallest bit.




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