Story Of My Life

Basically, A love story.


1. How It Goes


A/N: Hi, I have this same story on wattpad, I just thought I'd post it here too. :)

“Sometimes a girl just wants time to hide from the world”-Unknown

            My friend Ryan and I walked down the hallway.

            “Are you ever gonna tell him?” she asked.

            I shook my head. "You ever gonna tell David?"

            Her eyes widened, and she shook her head.

            I smiled and sat down in my seat. "That's what I thought."

            The bell rang and our French teacher came into the room.

            "Bonjour classe." Ms. Caravel said.

            "Bonjour." we all replied.

            "Comment vas-tu?" She asked.

            The door to the room swung open and my crush walked in.

            Ms. Caravel faced him. "Jason you're late. Again.”

            "Je m'excuse Ms. Caravel mais mon casier est resté coincé." He recited in an almost perfect accent.

            She sighed and motioned to his seat. "Il suffit de prendre votre place et tais-toi."

            I started to draw in my sketch pad, while I was waiting for her to say the assignment

            "Pssst. Hey, Jamie."

            I looked around my shoulder to see Jason trying to get me to come over. "What?"

            He leaned over his desk "What are we doing?"

            I shrugged "She hasn't said yet."

            "Mr. McKitt voulez-vous arrêter flirtting avec Ms. Price et prêter attention à la leçon"

            We faced towards the front of the room. I continued sketching.

            "Aujourd'hui nous allons discuter prononciation"

            I raised my hand, and she called on me. "Ce que je dois être présent car je sais bien comment Pronounce taire."

            She nodded. I collected my stuff and left the room. I waited outside the door for Ryan, who was right behind me.

            “So, where are we going?” She sighed.

            I shrugged. "I thought we would get a head start in Art."

            She nodded and when we got to the stairwell we stopped. I looked at her. "You thinking what I'm thinking?"

            She nodded and we jumped down the stairs. Once we hit the bottom we ran to the Art room with Mr. Stein

            "Hallo es gibt Hoffnung." he said.

            "Hey. Was ist in der Kunst heute?" I asked.

            He laughed a little "You need to work a little harder on your accent, but otherwise, that was perfect."

            I snapped my fingers "Zut!"

            He cleared his throat "Ryan how did you mother’s surgery go?"

            She looked at him “Nothing's better.”

            He looked sad. “I'm sorry.”

            She smiled. “It’s okay, I’m sure she’ll get better.”

            He smiled back and proceeded looking through papers. He handed one to me. “A perfect art grade as always Ms. Price. If you get any better, I may have to kick you out of my class.”

            I placed my hand on my heart. “You wouldn't dare!”

            He looked at me. “Would I?”

            I laughed softly and sat down in my seat, and then I started to sketch.

            The bell rang and the other kids in the class started piling in.

            “Everyone take a seat. We're working with partners today.”

            Everyone laughed and clapped…until he said he was picking them.

            “Jamie, you'll be with Ryan as usual.”

            I nodded and Ryan came over. We all waited for him to tell us the actual assignment.

            “You’re all going to be drawing your partner.” he said with his awesome German accent.

            “WHAT!?!?!” A girl I call ‘The Bitch’ yelled.

            “You heard me Sophie you will have to draw your partner.”

            She dug out her wallet and walked up to him. “I’ll pay you as much money as you want if you don’t make me do the assignment and give me an A+”

            Mr. Stein pretended to think about it for a minute before looking her in the eye. “No.”

            She scoffed and left the room because she refused to do the project. I sighed and looked at the sketch I was working on.

            “Ms. Price. I would appreciate it if you would stay out of this lesson because you seem to have already taken the course we are provided with this year. Feel free to use any of the supplies to make a different project.”

            I nodded and walked over to the giant selection of canvas that was in the back corner. I grabbed a small one and some of our acrylic paints, and started painting Death the Kid from the anime Soul Eater.

            “That’s pretty good.”

            I turned around to see Jason staring at my painting. “Thanks.” I pointed to his drawing of Alyssa. “You’re not that bad yourself.”

            He smirked and ran his hand through his hair. “Not as good as you.”

            I blushed slightly and went back to my painting

            The Bell rang shortly after I finished my painting and turned it in. I grabbed my stuff and headed to American Studies with Mr. English. In my opinion his views on history are quite intriguing, as well as amusing. I enjoy his short lectures on Maze theory and the zombie apocalypse that is bound to happen in the year 5610. That is if we’re still alive to become said zombies.

            “Hey Mr. English.” I said as I entered the classroom.

            “Morning Jamie. Do you have plans for the fair tomorrow?”

            I placed my stuff on my desk and shrugged. “Maybe, maybe not. I’m actually think of not going.”

            His face went from happy to shocked. “WHAT!?!?!”

            I smiled. “I don’t do large amounts of people; it’s just not my thing.”

            Ryan walked into the room with David. They were talking and smiling.

            “Hello David. Hey Ryan.” Mr. English said.

            David nodded and sat down next to Ryan. “Hey Hope, are you going to the fair tomorrow?”

            I shrugged. “Wasn’t planning on it.”

            David jumped over the desk and landed into front of mine. “You can come with me and Ryan.”

            I held my hands up. “If my best friends want me too, I can’t see why I can’t go.”

          They both smiled they’re own version of the goofy grin and started working on the assignment due tomorrow.

        “MR.ENGLISH, DO I HAVE TO DO THIS?” Bitch complained loudly.

            “Ungrateful brat.” Mr. English murmured.

            She leaned on her hip. “Excuse me!”

            He looked around the room, feigning innocence. “Did I say that out loud?”

            Everyone laughed and continued doing the assignment while The Bitch left the room. Then Jason ran in.

            “Mr. McKitt, you’re late yet again.” Mr. English informed him.

          Jason leaned over trying to catch his breath and held up a slip of paper. “I…Have…A…Pass…This…Time.”

            Mr. English took it and sighed. “Let’s make sure this doesn’t happen again, alright Mr.McKitt?”

            Jason nodded and sat down to work on the assignment just as the bell rang.

            I grabbed my stuff and walked over to Ryan and David. “We still hanging out at my house later?"

            They nodded and took off to their lockers. Before I could leave, Mr. English stopped me.

            “Jamie. Can we talk?”

            I nodded and sat down in one of the desks. “What’s up?”

            “I was wondering how you were dealing without your parents?”

            I sighed. “I’m fine Mr. English, if I needed to talk about it,  I would have talked about it by now. I’m fine. Have a good day.”

            I stood up and left. I went to my locker, and grabbed my stuff. I walked out of the building and started walking over to my house.




            “BRO I’M HOME!” I yelled. 

            “STOP YELLING JAMIE!” He yelled back.

            I walked up the stairs, and into my room. I threw my backpack on the floor and crashed onto the bed.

            “How was school?” Hunter asked.

            “Same as usual. You?”

            “Met a girl. How’s it going with that Jason kid?”

            I shook my head and sat up. “I don’t think it’s ever gonna happen.”

            He sat down next to me on the bed. “And why not?”

            I shrugged, and hugged my stuffed hippo. “I’m too shy to talk to him.”

            He punched me lightly on the shoulder. “What happens to my tough girl when she tries to talk to the so called pretty boy?”

            I blushed faintly, Hunter smiled and hugged me “Ohh! THAT’S what happens. I wonder what will happen when I… Start to tickle you!”

            I laughed slightly at my brother’s childlessness. “Hunter stop it!”

            He stopped and smiled. “It’s good to hear you laugh again. Anyway, how’s school been going? I hear Mr. Stein’s treating you right”

            I nodded. “He’s not too bad. He’s actually teaching me some German”

            He smirked slightly. “Really now?”

            I nodded. “Yeah, I think I’m getting better.”

            My phone took this opportunity to start ringing it’s case off. I grabbed it and looked at the caller I.D. before I answered.

            “Dave Strider here.” I said.

            “Hey Jamie.”

            “What’s up David?”

            He sniffed some tears back. I sat up. “David what’s wrong?”

            He laughed slightly. “It‘s happening again.”

            “David, don’t you move. I’m coming over.”

            I hung up and threw my phone at the wall. “Bro, I have to go. Davi-”

            He held up his hand. “Jamie. Go.”

            I nodded and ran out the door of my room, grabbed my wallet as I went, and left the house.




            “DAVID WHERE ARE YOU!?!?!” I yelled as I entered his house.

            “Upstairs.” A faint yell returned.

            I ran up the stairs and busted into his room. “What’s happening again?”

            He shrugged. “They discontinued it.”

            I sighed. “David just because they discontinue something, doesn’t mean you have to get upset about it".

            He shrugged. “I guess, but it was awesome.”

            I shook my head and sat down on his bed. “There will be more awesome lemons.”

            He held his stuffed lemon that I made him for his birthday. “When life gives you lemons…”

            I smiled. “You fan girl or fan boy.”

            He smiled widely “So, how’s life?”

            I shrugged as I sat down on the corner of his bed “OK. I suppose”

            He nodded and smiled “You wanna play Xbox?”

            I smirked “Borderlands?”

            He screamed like an Indian and ran over to his Xbox. I grabbed a controller and smiled



        “BRO I’M HOME!” I yelled as I entered my house

            “DIDN’T WE TALK ABOUT THIS YELLING THING ALREADY!?!?” He yelled back

            I shrugged and put my jacket on the chair by the door, why we had that there I have no idea. For decoration I guess.

            Hunter came up from the basement “How was David?”

            I shrugged “He was upset because they took his favorite lemon off the internet. But we played some Borderlands so he’s good now”

            Hunter nodded “You hungry?”

            I looked at the time, I nodded

            He gave a well look “What do you want?”

            I shrugged “Food”

            He waved “Hi food. I’m Hunter”

            I sighed “Chinese”

            He smiled and ran into the kitchen “WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM HONG’S?”

            I walked into the kitchen “Shrimp Lo mein"

            He hopped on the counter and grabbed the phone. He dialed the number, and balanced it between his shoulder and ear “Hey, Can I get a #4. And a #8. 25 minute kay thanks”

            I hopped up beside him and grabbed a cherry coke. “How long til food”

            He shrugged “they said like 25 minutes”

            I sighed and leaned dramatically on his shoulder “But that’s too long”

            He hopped off  leaving my head to fall and hit the cold hard counter. I sat up rubbing my head “Hunter that was kinda mean”

            He shrugged and walked off. I sighed and pulled my phone out of my pocket. I picked John’s number and hit call, As I waited for him answer I messed with the bracelet on my wrist

            “Hello?” David answered breathlessly

            “Did I interrupt something?” I asked


            “You sure?”

            He cleared his throat “Yeah I’m sure what do you need?”

            I heard an "oh shit" in the background

            “Hi Ryan” I said

            David sighed “I’m putting you on speaker”


            A few minutes later I could hear everything going on his side of the phone “Hey Jamie” Ryan said

           “You two were safe right?”

            “NO WE DIDN’T DO THAT!” David yelled

            I laughed slightly “I know David your too innocent for that”

            Ryan chuckled slightly “Too innocent?"

            I started messing around with my necklace “Well yeah he hasn’t done it yet an-”

            “JAMIE!!!” David yelled 

            “WHAT!?!?!” I yelled back

            He sighed “nothing”

            I stifled a laugh, I cleared my throat “So are you guys coming over?”

            “Um bout that” Ryan mentioned

            “You guys aren’t coming over are you” I said


            I forced a small laugh “Dude It’s fine I’ve got homework anyway"

      “Jamie you just forced a laugh and we have the same classes together you don’t have Homework”

            I face palmed Darn David and his reasoning “Whatever dude it’s fine I’ll just take a walk or something”

            “OK. See ya tomorrow”

            I smiled “Yeah I’ll see you tomorrow”


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