Story Of My Life

Basically, A love story.


5. Belief

     I woke up the next morning with a headache. I thought it was because of a hangover but I didn't have alcohol last night. I stood up, and fell straight down, I tried to stand back up but I couldn't, everything was spinning, my bedroom door opened

        "You OK sis?" Hunter asked

        I shook my head "I don't feel good"

        He helped me back onto my bed "Did you drink last night"


        He checked my forehead "You have a fever, and you're a little red in the face"

        I mumbled something I don't even know, and curled into my covers


        "What" I mumbled

        "Do you want me to call Ryan and David,"

        I nodded my head, and fell asleep



        ~Jason's Pov~

        She hasn't talked to me all night, and I can't think of what to do, I pulled up messenger and messaged Ryan

        "I need help"

        "With what?"

        "I want to tell Jamie I'm sorry but I don't know how"

        "She doesn't like the cheesy romance crap"

        "I know that what does she like?"

        It was a few minutes until she answered "you"

        I smiled, nice to know


        ~Jamie's Pov~

        I woke up feeling a lot better, I was able to stand up at least. I got up and walked into the bathroom and sighed, I brushed through my hair and pulled it into a ponytail, I brushed my teeth and walked out to run into Ryan

        "Hey Jamie"

        I waved and dug through my closet for some clothes, once I put clothes on I threw my over sized sweat shirt on and sat in front of my xbox

        "If you don't talk I'm gonna call you a robot"


        She hugged me "That's a bit better, Now what's wrong"

        I shrugged, and focused on my music

        She grabbed the controller out of my hand "Oh no we are not doing the whole depression thing again"       

        I looked up at her "Give it back please"

        She shook her head, "nope we are going out"

        I shook my head and stood up "No we are not"

        A knock came on my door "Come in"

        David walked into the room holding a bowl of something "Your brother sent up some chicken noodle soup for you"

        I nodded in thanks and took it from him, I ate quickly and grabbed my laptop, I had some new messages

        "Leave him alone I thought this got through he is mine not yours so leave him alone"

        Ryan and David read the message "The nerve that bitch has"

        I nodded my head in agreement. "You guys should go home so you don't get sick."

        They nodded and left, and I started writing like normal




        It's been a few weeks since I last talked to Jason, for some reason I think he's given up which kinda hurts, I'm not sick anymore but my drinking problem has gotten worse, I go to school with a hangover, and my grades are going down only one grade stays up and that's my art grade. I've started drawing more morbid things, I don't want to but it's what I end up doing.

        "HEY SIS CAN YOU GET THE DOOR" Hunter yelled

        I jumped down the stairs, and got to the door, I opened it "Can I help yo- Jason?"

        He waved "H-hi"

        I looked at him "What's wrong?"

        He looked at me "I've been trying to think about how I could get you to believe me when I said I didn't kiss Bitch, and I finally figured out how I can prove to you how"

        I looked at him confused "How?"

        He handed me a phone "One of my friends caught he whole thing on tape including you running away"

        I pressed play on the video and watched it, a few minutes into the video Bitch kissed Jason, and I showed up, I stood there for a minute before I ran away, about a minute after that Jason pushed her to the ground and said 'I like someone else' and walked away

        I was in tears by the end of the video. Hunter came into the room saw us and walked back out. Jason hugged me "I've told you before I would never lie to you"

        I hugged him back "I'm sorry"

        He backed away and looked at me "Now I believe we have a job to do"

        I thought about it "What?"

        He smiled "We need to get your grades back up so I can take you to the next school dance"

        I laughed slightly "I did all the homework I just never turned it in"

        He held out his hand "Give it here"

        I grabbed my old homework out of my backpack and handed it to him "There"

        He nodded and smiled "Now I have a serious question for you"


        He got down on one knee "Will you be my girlfriend?"

        I smiled "If you quit the cheesiness yes"

        He smiled and stood up, I hugged him, and he kissed my forehead "It's Friday"

        I looked up at him "So?"

        He gave me a serious look "It's Friday"

        I suddenly remember what Friday is "You call David and Ryan and I'll get everything set up"

        He nodded and pulled out his phone, "Hey Ryan get David and come over to Jamie's"

        He followed me into the kitchen and helped me make popcorn and carry the pop and candy out into the living room, I kicked Hunter out of the house and sat down beside Jason "Well we've got 25 minutes until David and Ryan get here, what do you want to do?"

        He looked at me, and kissed me, I kissed back, he placed one of his hands on the back of my neck to deepen the kiss, I threw my leg over his hips so I was straddling him, He kissed the side of my neck, I tilted my neck to the side to give him more room. "J-jason"

        He stopped "Hmm?"

        I took a shaky breath "We can't do this."

        He nodded and let me unsteadily get off of him, I started trying to get my breathing back to regular so I wouldn't choke, The doorbell rang interrupting the silence, I grumbled and stood up. Jason followed me to the door, I opened it and stood there shocked






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