The Diary Of Being Me

I dont know how i feel about my life,
i dont know who my friends are,
i dont know who to trust,
i dont know what to believe in,
i dont know what ive got.
up and down my life roller coaster is going.
its different morning,
but it all depends on the first thing that happens in that day that makes me feel the way i do.


2. Introduction to me, J

Dear Diary,


i was give this diary from my auntie. she says it would help me think  through my day, and find the good things in it. she told me to first write down all this information about myself, then continue properly, so yeah, that's what i'm gonna do...


Name: Jordyn Elizabeth

Birthday: February 8

Country i live in: Australia

Favourite colour: Blue

Favourite place to go: The Beach

Hobbies: Dancing, Writing stories, Reading.

Likes: listening to music, dancing, reading books, writing stories.

Dislikes: Bullies, fakes, liers, school, homework, annoying noises; sneezes, coughs, (i know its weird...).


so yeah, thats me guys, im a little weird...


i have a funny family too... not the type of funny like 'hahahahaha, LOL!!'  no, not that, funny 'WTF?'. yeah, wtf explains my family in 3 letters. i have a mum, 2 dads (i have a step dad and a biological dad.), 2 brothers and a sister.i have 2 pet cats and 2 pet hermit crabs. 


okay, well this is the end of my first entry, in my next entry i will be doing a normal diary entry.


sweet sweet nightmares,

                                        - Jordyn E.

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