The Diary Of Being Me

I dont know how i feel about my life,
i dont know who my friends are,
i dont know who to trust,
i dont know what to believe in,
i dont know what ive got.
up and down my life roller coaster is going.
its different morning,
but it all depends on the first thing that happens in that day that makes me feel the way i do.


7. Entry 5

Dear Diary,


Its almost the end of the first term and im so excited for the holidays. im planning on spending loads of time with my friends but im sure i wont, i always end up busy with my family.


I had dance tonight. I injured myself a few days ago and i couldn't do all the work which made me sad, but i did do everything i could do! i had a sub-teacher and she made it a little more fun than my normal teacher, we had fun with cool jumps and leaps, i did twist my ankle a little at one point but not enough to stop me from dancing.


I have soooooo much homework to do and i have a whole assignment due tomorrow and.... i haven't finished it yet so im kind off stuffed. i always leave shit to the last minute, but i just cant help it, i get distracted easy.


sorry for the really short entry, i have to complete my stupid homework.


bye for now.


Sweet sweet nightmares,

                                        Jordyn E.

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