The Diary Of Being Me

I dont know how i feel about my life,
i dont know who my friends are,
i dont know who to trust,
i dont know what to believe in,
i dont know what ive got.
up and down my life roller coaster is going.
its different morning,
but it all depends on the first thing that happens in that day that makes me feel the way i do.


6. Entry 4

Dear Diary,


today is Saturday, the last day of week 3 at school. school has been alright so far. ive made new friends and new enemies already. A new girl arrived at my school last week and we became friends straight away, its great. we hang out alot during breaks, and talk alot. we both like the same sort of things, like books and movies, ice coffee and food.


i have moved dance schools, my old one was a complete waste of time and money, the dance school SUCKED. im now at a really nice school and everyone is really friendly there.


Also it was my birthday last weekend, im finally 16. Everyone keeps asking me if im going to get my licence yet, but i have decided i will do it later because i have other things to worry about at the moment.


sweet sweet nightmares,

                                       -Jordyn E.

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