Too Soon

Hanna Belle Elizabeth Granger was born when her mother was eleven, she was abandoned on the side of a hospital. Where she was taken to an orphanage. Little does Hanna know that she is a witch, what will happen when she starts to replay her mother's past?


2. Two

Hanna's mother's POV:


   I didn't want to give her up. I was to scared because the other girl who he got pregnant had a boy he killed her son the day he was born because he cried. When I gave birth I pretend to have had a miscarriage to protect her. Oh you probably want to know what ok I am. I am Hermione Granger, Now I'm 22 and I have twelve children counting poor Hanna. He was my abusive boyfriend who I'm now married to. His name is Ron Weasly. He beat me after I faked a miscarriage so I've kept the other children.


Hanna Belle Elizabeth Granger

Leanna Lily Granger

Johnnie Douglas Granger

Melissa Hattie Granger

Caroline Malent Granger

Juan Carlos Granger

Justin Alex Granger

Kathleen Lauren Granger

Marua Mackenzie Granger

George Kaleb Granger

Finley Noel Granger

    These are the name  of all twelve, but of course Ron doesn't know about Hanna, I hope he never does.

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