Too Soon

Hanna Belle Elizabeth Granger was born when her mother was eleven, she was abandoned on the side of a hospital. Where she was taken to an orphanage. Little does Hanna know that she is a witch, what will happen when she starts to replay her mother's past?


1. One

  My birthday is February 14, 2003 or so I've been told. No one knows my real birthday, you see my mom abandoned me when I was born, so here I am in the orphanage listening to Ms. Jerlo lecture us again. Tomorrow is supposedly my eleventh birthday. I'm just glad that my mother have me a name the ones they pick out here are horrid.I have a friend who they named Chondra Lineset. I feel horrid for her. No one knows who my mother was all they knew we she gave birth to me when she was eleven. When she abandoned me she left a card:


                To whom it may concern,

I'm eleven years old and this is my daughter Hanna Belle Elizabeth Granger. Never let her out of your sight, please help me out. Take care of my baby, make sure she grows up good. Tel her I'll miss her. Her birthday is today February 14, 2003. Once you read this note burn it. Don't try and find me please don't. You can't let HIM find out I'm trying to hide her. HE thinks I had a miscarriage.


                  Hanna's mother


Yup, pretty depressing. You know teenage pregnancy. She wasn't even a teenager! I'm still trying to find her, no luck so far.

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