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9. Chapter 9

Luke's POV

I get ready for school excited to see Alana again. She doesn't know this, but I really love her. She obviously knows I have feelings for her, but today I'm going to ask her out.

Mali's POV

I can't help but worry about how Alana's doing. I call her. "Alana? How are you? Are you ok?"

"No Mali, he knows."


"Mali, Ashton found out I cheated on him." Alana's voice shakes. Just as I'm about to say something, Alana hangs up. I rush to school to see Alana before the bell rings. I find her by her locker; where she usually is. "Alana!!!" Alana's eyes widen when she sees me "Alana I'm your best friend. You better tell me what's going on right now." Alana lets out a sigh. "Mali he found out I cheated on him. There's really nothing else to it."

"So he's angry?"

"Ohh yeah. He almost smashed Luke to pieces." I raised my eyebrows. "What stopped him?" I question "He got distracted when I said 'I love you' and he went kinda soft. He dropped Luke. But then he called me a whore and stormed off." I didn't know what to say. Alana was keeping it in so well.

Alana's POV

There is a massive lump in my throat. My heart aches so much; I just want to fall in Mali's arms and let out all of the tears.


I'm in the cafeteria. Not to eat, but to find Ashton. I need to talk to him. I can't stay away from him. "Ashton!" I call out as I see him. He glimpses at me, but then looks in another direction. I can't let him get away. I run after him. "Ashton please, we need to talk."

"About what? About how you went off and had sex with my best friend?"

"No Ashton-" Ashton cuts me off "Alana you don't need to explain yourself. I'm pretty sure I know what happened between you and Luke." He turns his back on me and starts to walk away. I quickly grab him by the wrist. If this is the only way I can get him to stay with me; then that's what I'll do. Ashton turns his head around and looks at my hand on his wrist. He looks up at me. His glare terrifies me but I refuse to let go. But then I remembered he is double as strong as I am. He manages to jerk his arm out of grip. "Ashton! Let me talk to you!" I say as he runs out of the cafeteria.

Luke's POV

I find Alana alone in the cafeteria. Perfect time to ask her out. I walk up behind her and tap her on the back. She seems a bit down, but that doesn't stop me from asking her my question. "Alana?"

"Yeah?" She mumbles under her breath. Suddenly I get overwhelmed. I get super nervous like last time when I ended up just making out with her.

"Uhhh... I was um... wondering if maybe you wanted to um..." I can't seem to get the words out of my mouth. Alana seems confused. "You were wondering if I wanted to...?" She asks "B-be my girlfriend?" I force to get the words off of my tongue. Alana looks shocked.

Alana POV

I can't say yes. I'm not over Ashton. But I'm not over Luke either. Ashton is amazing and really hot- but so is Luke. Ashton is super sweet... but so is Luke. I cannot decide. What if Luke is really the one? Then I started to think really deep about Luke. Well if Ashton and I got back together it would leave a huge kink in our relationship since I cheated on him. And then it hit me: Luke made me completely forget about how Ashton dumped me. He made me feel happy, and that's what every girl needs; to be happy. "I don't know Luke. I'll have to figure this out, and it might take me a while." Luke nods. He seems slightly upset.

Luke's POV

I totally understand why Alana can't tell me the answer straight away. Girls always have that issue where they don't know if they like a boy or not. It takes them a while to realise, and then when it hits them they're like "O shet, I'm in love." I sigh as Alana walks away. I just wish she was over Ashton. Ashton... Oh fuck. If Ashton hates me now, what about 5 Seconds of Summer?

Author's note: Sorry this chapter was shorter than the others! At least it came out quicker. I need to take a shower and go to bed now. Probably can't write again until late tomorrow so that's my excuse lol! Coming out with more soon. If there's something I love more than reading; it's writing! ;) yayyyyy. I want my phone back 😭 have to write on my iPad so I probs can't write at school tomorrow unless I get it back in the morning. Stupid teachers confiscating my phone! 😡

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