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5. Chapter 5

Alana POV

I stopped in my steps to think "Should I go back to Ashton?" I know that if I go back to him I'll be acting extremely weird and he'll suspect something's wrong but I did promise that I would be back in a sec. This whole situation was nauseating. I knew that I couldn't tell him what happened because it would totally ruin the relationship between Luke and Ashton. Not that Luke did anything wrong, he didn't know that Ashton and I were a thing. Besides that I don't know if I like Luke or not.

Ashton POV

What is taking Alana so long? I get up to go look for her. While I'm searching the school I bump into Mali "Hey, Mali. Have you seen Alana?" I ask "Nah haven't seen her all day." She shrugs "Hey you two are getting close aren't you?" She smirks "Uh yeah you could say that..." It surprised me that Alana hadn't told Mali about us yet. I figure that I shouldn't tell Mali. If Alana didn't tell her, then she probably wouldn't want me telling either. "Ashton I can tell you like her you know."

"Oh." I reply. That's all I could think to say. I looked past Mali. "Alana!" I waved. She looked at me confused. She waved back. I ran over to her with Mali following me. "Alana where were you?"

"Um a teacher made me do a job or whatever." She replied. Mali is just standing there grinning. I totally forget that Mali doesn't know yet and I clasp Alana's hand. Mali's eyes widen "Woah can we take a few steps back? You guys are HOLDING HANDS? When did this happen?!"

"Oops. Ash I didn't tell Mali." She says "Um Mali, Ashton and I have chemistry. We went out on Friday." Mali's jaw dropped. "Why didn't you tell me?!" Mali slightly yelled "Sorry Mali, I swear I was gonna tell you but I completely forgot." Alana says sweetly "Mali I would like it if you didn't tell anyone." I raise my eyebrows when Alana says this "Why?"

"Yeah, why?"

"I just don't want too much attention." That was the stupidest reason I have heard. I didn't believe her "But we'll tell everyone soon right babe?" I question "Of course." She smiles at me; but it seems fake.

Mali POV

I lay on my bed looking through the pictures on my phone. I can hear Calum and Michael strumming their guitars downstairs. My phone starts to vibrate. Alana is calling me. I pick up "Mali?" my heartbreaks when I hear Alana's voice. She was crying "Alana, what's wrong?"

"I have a decision to make and it's eating me inside." She sniffles "What? What decision?"

"Can I come over?"

"Ok" Alana then hangs up. Soon my doorbell rings. I answer the door. Alana has tears running down her face. I hug her as tight as I can. We run into my room and lock the door "Mali you know how Ashton and I are kinda like going out?"


"I didn't tell Luke and today he kissed me." I'm in shock

"Luke KISSED you?!" Alana clenched her lips and nodded

"I think I like Luke..." She said. I cupped my face in my hands. I didn't know what to say. "S-so now I have to pick between Luke and Ashton."

"Tell me exactly what happened when Luke kissed you."

"Well he said that he need t-to talk to me so we went into the b-b-bathroom and he was all like nervous and then he didn't tell me anything- he j-just made out with me! I didn't know what to do so I just ran!" She stuttered. I kept on thinking that obviously she should pick Ashton. I mean they're basically already going out, she practically fell in love with him at first sight and Luke and Alana have nothing but a good friendship and a kiss. I just hope she follows her heart.

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