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3. Chapter 3

Author's note: from here on things can get a bit sexual and is not recommended for younger readers. Hi, I'm Ashton. I'm just here to pick up Alana." I say nervously. "ALANA THERE'S A BOY AT THE DOOR FOR YOU" I wait as the lady who answered the door and I make awkward eye contact. I think she's Alana's mom. Alana comes and takes the ladies place. She leans on the door frame. "Hey, Ashton." She says. Alana seems so confident and calm. How does she do it?

Alana POV

I stare at Ashton and look deeply in his eyes. I can't help but smile. "Hello, Alana." His voice is almost as sexy as how he looks. We step into his car. We didn't speak once during the whole car drive. Maybe he's nervous too. Once we get to his house we head straight to his room. He offers me food but I say no. I look around in his room. There were a lot of posters with bands on them. There was one One Direction poster that made me giggle. We sat on his bed. "Ashton can I ask you something?" I ask "Yeah..." He says "Is this a date?" I don't know if I should've asked that but I can't go back. "Uhh I don't know... Do you want it to be?" I wish he would make the decision himself. I shrugged. He put his hand on my hand. "Alana, do you like me?" Him saying this made my heart race. "Yes I do." My voice was shaking as I spoke. I could just feel myself blushing so I looked down using my whole head. He didn't like that; I could tell because he lifted up my head forcing eye contact. He leant in; but I flinched at the thought of things going too fast and totally ruined it. "Is something wrong?" He seemed a bit concerned "What no of course not." I pretended that I had no idea that he was going to kiss me to make it a lot less awkward for both of us. "You sure?" He asked. I nodded. Ashton stared at me for 10 seconds and then opened his mouth "Alana I want this to be a date. I really like you and I want you to like me too." I looked at him "Let's do it!" I actually want this to be a date too. I hope that by the end of this date I can kiss him without hesitation. We leave his house to go to the park. It's just about sunset and people are leaving. We find a place on a hill to sit. We talk for ages.

Ashton POV

It's dark now and Alana and I are still talking. This is amazing. We gaze at the stars as we lay on our backs "Haha Ashton, those bunch of stars kinda look like a penis." I laugh so hard and I don't know why. We both rolled over onto our sides. We stared each other in the eye. I wrapped my arms around her waist and pull her body in. I felt her boobs press against my body- don't mean to sound pervy, but it felt great. I wanted to kiss her so bad, but I didn't do it. She put her leg over mine. First thing that came to mind was SHE WANTS THE D but I ignored the thought of me having sex with her because that wouldn't be something a gentleman would do. Alana licked her lips. And at that moment I knew- I've got her good. I leaned in and kissed her without fail. She didn't pull away. I decided because this is only our first kiss; I will not get any tongue involved. Our noses were pressed against each other. Our whole entire bodies were pressed against each other. I didn't want to stop kissing her- but then she did. Alana looked at me and grinned. She grabbed the back of my head and forced my mouth onto hers. As she ran her fingers through my hair; I did the same to her. This time, she put her tongue into my mouth. I liked it. She tasted good.

Alana POV

"C'mon Ashton, it's getting late. Let's leave. I need to be dropped back at my place." Ashton nods in agreement. We get into the car. Before Ashton starts the car, Ashton and I look at each other "Tonight was amazing. Thank you." Ashton grinned at me when I said that. On the way to my house Ashton had to fill up the gas tank. When we went into the gas station to pay for the gas; Ashton decided to buy some alcohol. "Hey Alana why don't you come back to my place and drink this with me before I drop you back at your place." I shake my head "No Ashton it's getting late, my mom might get worried."

"Just text your mom you'll be late."

"Err... Fine." Ashton smiles showing his teeth as I say this. We get back at his place. We drink the alcohol and we-


I wake up "Where am I?" I mumble. I look next to me. There lies a topless sleeping Ashton. Oh god I'm topless too. I look under the covers of the bed that I'm laying on. Oh my gosh I'm not wearing any clothes at all... "ASHTON!" I yell. Ashton sits up quickly. "Alana? Why are you here?" He asks "Ashton I don't remember anything." Ashton shuts his eyes tight and opens them again. "Me neither..." Ashton's eyes widen. "Alana... I'm naked..."

"Me too..."

"Wait so if you're naked... and I'm naked... does that mean we-" Ashton stops in mid sentence "Yes Ashton, yes it does."

"Um so if we did it last; would it matter if we saw each other naked?" He asks "Well... not really."

"Ok we get out of bed in 3, 2, 1" we both jump out of bed at the same time. Well I kind of fell. So there we were, standing in front of each other completely naked. I hesitate to look at his manly parts since it would be obvious if I did, but I could see it with the bottom corner of my eye. After like 20 seconds of silence, we burst into laughter. We then get dressed. As I'm struggling to pull on my skinny jeans, I step in something. I look down. Oh wow it's a used condom. I pick it up. "Hey Ashton, look." Ashton immediately draws his attention to the condom. Ashton giggles "Well looks like we're smart enough to use a condom even when we're drunk." He jokes. I laugh.


"Bye Ashton. Thanks for last night."

"You mean the stargazing or the sex." He laughs "Um both." I smile. I kiss him on the cheek and he leaves. I sneak into my house. I go into my room and lay in my bed. Parents won't suspect a thing.

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