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2. Chapter 2

"Whaaaat?! You mean you like Ashton?!" Mali says in disbelief

"Um ya I think so..." I reply

"GURL you know he couldn't stop staring at you last night!" She says smiling. My cheeks feel warm. Oh my gosh I'm blushing...

"OH MY GOSH Alana, you're blushing!" Mali says sounding like she's going to explode of excitement. "Mali can you just umm... calm down." I say "Why?" She asks "It's not a big deal." Mali and I pause for a moment "Who am I kidding? It's a HUGE deal!" I say. Mali and I squeal jumping up and down.

Ashton POV

I'm in the middle of a math test, and all I can think about is... Alana. Is she thinking about me too? Doesn't matter! I'm doing a math test! I finish the math test. The bell rings. All I want to do is go to Alana and talk about how I feel. But I can't. But how do I feel? I look for Mali. She must be with Alana. "Oh hey Mali! Hi Alana." I say as I see them. They don't say anything they just smile. It confuses me. "Alana, since we just met I thought maybe we should get to know each other." I suggest. Alana quickly nods with a wide smile on her face. "Oh maybe I should um... go I need to talk to uh Calum now... Bye!" Mali says. I didn't have time to react to what ever that was what Mali just did, I just walked off with Alana to the oval outside. We sat under a tree. Once we sit I realise that I really didn't think this through. What am I gonna say to her? "So um you like the band?"

"What band?"

"5 Seconds of Winter- I mean Summer."

"Oh of course... Yeah they're great. I mean you're great. I mean you guys are great. I mean not saying you're not great as an individual; you're damn fine. I mean I like you're band."

Alana POV

I have no idea what I just said but I'm guessing it sounded stupid.

"Oh that's great" Ashton said with a smile on his face "I think you're cute" as soon as Ashton said this I froze. "Oh th-thanks um you're cute too." I say unsure. "Do you wanna um go out sometime...?" Ashton says "Sure!" I say. I'm a lot more confident knowing that he likes me now.

After school

When I got home I ran into my room and jumped onto my bed. I grabbed my ladybug stuffed animal and hugged it as tight as I could to let out my excitement. This feeling I had inside literally felt like magic. "He actually really likes me!"

Ashton POV

I arrive at home. Straight away getting food and stuffing it into my mouth. I call Mali on my phone "Hello? Mali? Hey could you tell me Alana's phone number? Oh no reason. Ok thanks. Yep I got it. K thanks bye." I hang up. Straight away I call Alana. "Hello Alana speaking?" As I here her voice it sends a shiver down my back

"Ya hi Alana, this is Ashton."

"Oh hey. How'd you get my number?"

"Mali gave it to me."

"Oh." I stop and think if maybe she thought it was kinda creepy that I had her number

"Hey Alana, I was wondering if you wanted to umm maybe come to my place?" I ask

"Of course I would, hold on. MOMMY? CAN I GO TO A FRIENDS PLACE? YA. OK. My mom said yes."

"Oh okay so um I'll pick you up in a minute. Ok bye."

"Ashton wait." When she says this my stomach flips. What could she possibly say...


"Um Ashton if you're going to pick me up; shouldn't you have my address?" I face palm. How could I forget that?

"Of course I'm such an idiot." She laughs and gives me her address. I leave in my small grey car straight away. "Ok let's see... Ugh where does she live. This road is so confusing." I mumble to myself "Aha! Found it." I pull up beside her driveway. She's got a pretty decent looking house. It has flowers growing up the sides of it. I guess that's what girls would call pretty. I knock on her wooden door and take a step back and wait. I hear footsteps. The door opens. "Hi, who are you?"

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