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12. Chapter 12

Alana's POV

I think I'm supposed to pick Ashton, but Luke's charm is like oh my god. I've liked Ashton from the start. That's a sign of true love... right? Luke can be a bit of a douche (pants 😁 xD). He stole one of his best friend's love interest. But I did forgive him for that. I think I've made up my mind.


I knock on Luke's door. I play with the end of my French braid. I nervously wait for someone to answer the door. I let out a sigh. I hear footsteps coming from inside. "Alana!" Luke cheers when he opens the door. "Hey Luke I've got to tell you something."

"Sure come inside." His arm movements direct me to sit on the couch. After he closes the door he sits closely next to me. "What did you want to say?" He questions.

"I made up my mind... about the thing."

"Oh... the thing." Luke seems as if he's trying to hold back a smile. "Yeah." I smile at him. "So the answer is...?" He says with a confused look on his face. "Well it wasn't easy." I start to tear up a bit. "Alana? What's wrong?" Luke holds my arms. "I chose Ashton. I'm in love with Ashton Irwin and I'm so sorry Luke-" Luke quickly wraps his arms around me and pulls me in. I had my ear against his chest so I could hear his heart beat get faster and faster. I couldn't tell if he was crying. He probably wouldn't be since you know, he's a guy and everything. He lets me go. His eyes are red and watery. Oh shit he is crying. What did I do? Was I supposed to pick Luke? "Alana... you know, I really do love you." He really does love me doesn't he? I put my hand on his and whisper under my breath "I know Luke." He looks down and shuts his eyes tight. "Just one more time then?" I says looking back up at me.

"What one more time?"

"Love me just one more time." I guess I could. I haven't told Ashton I've chosen him yet. "Ok." I wipe my tears away. "K. Let's love one more time then." Luke nods. He slightly smiles.

Luke's POV

I have this time and this time only to show her how I feel. I don't know how serious this is going to get. Better make it pretty damn serious if this is the last time. I don't know if she wants to have sex, but I sure as hell do. I try to somehow make her want to. I start by just making out with her. She seems to like it, so I kind of push her down onto her back so I'm on top of her. I feel sort of bad doing this since Alana is actually Ashton's property, but I can't stop now. She pushes me away. "Luke, get the condoms." Yesssss.

Ashton's POV

I need to call Alana. I reach for my phone. She can't just leave me like that, not even giving me an answer. "Hey... Ashton." I feel happy to hear her voice, but she sounds different. "Hey Alana, how's it going?"


"Ok well um have you made up your mind?"

"Ah well-" Alana was then cut off by someone in the background.

"Alana? Is that Luke?" I ask recognising the low voice.

"Err yeah it is."

"Can I speak to him?"

"Um ok." I hear her cover the mic.

"Hey Ashton." I hear after the mic gets unblocked. "Luke! Hey, I don't think it's a great idea that you're hanging out with Alana."

"Oh why not?"

"You're persuading her aren't you?"

Luke's POV

I feel slightly angry that Ashton is kind of restricting me from hanging out with Alana. "You're persuading her aren't you?" He asks.

"Persuading her to what?"

"You know what I mean, getting her on your side." My heart aches when he says this because I know that Alana already picked him. "Nah I'm not."

"What's nine plus ten?"



"No actually sh-she picked you." I struggle to get the words out if my mouth. I look over at Alana. I expected her to have her eye brows raised at me, but she was making no eye contact at all. She was just awkwardly sitting there biting her lip.

Ashton's POV

At first I'm just over the moon, but then what if he's lying? "Can you give the phone to Alana, please?"

"Mkay." He answers. I hear a some noises, then it goes silent. "Alana? Are you there?"

"Yeah..." Her voice shakes making me unsure of everything that's going on. "So is what Luke said true?"

"Oh... uh yeah." I know I should be happy about this, but she actually sounds like she's about to cry. "Are you ok?" I ask. "Yeah." Her tone lifts a bit. "Ok, well see you at school tomorrow..."

"Mhm." She replies. I hang up. That was extremely strange. I wonder what she could've been doing with Luke.

A/N: Each other, Ashton. They were doing each other. 😒😏


Alana's POV

Back at school. I have to talk to Ashton. I feel so bad for not finishing what I started with Luke, but I told Ashton I picked him, therefore having sex with Luke would be cheating. I couldn't go down that road again. I pinched my arm to let out my stress. I see Ashton and he sees me. He waves but gives me a strange look. I walk up to him and give him a tight hug. "Hey Alana you sounded kind of... um... unsure yesterday on the phone."

"No, I wasn't unsure. I just felt sorta bad for rejecting Luke." I force a smile onto my face. I hate making up excuses. I kind of feel proud of myself for not carrying on with Luke though. It shows I have at least a little bit of strength and that I'm not some coward. "Well, that's sweet that you feel bad for Luke, but you really shouldn't." I guess he's right. I'm happy that I picked Ashton. I start to grin. "Ashton, I love you. You know that?" Ashton smiles. "Haha, where'd that come from?" He smiles. I shrug. "It's just, last time I told you that you were kinda mad at me."

"Kinda? You had sex with Luke and then you go and say 'I love you.' I was very mad at you. " We both laughed. Mali walks up to us. "Hey guys! I can see Ashton has forgiven Alana."

"Yep." Ashton says.

"So what are you guys right now?" Mali asks. Ashton looks down. I feel his hand wrap around mine making it clear what we were. He looks back up at me. "Deeply in love." I reply. Ashton's smile only gets wider when I say this and so does Mali's.

Author's note: PLEASE READ! Hey guys I just wanted to say something real quick. I know the boys of 5sos are like 18-20 (right now) but can't we all just get along and say that they're all about the same age. And same goes for Mali. Cuz Mali Hood is actually I don't know how many years older than Calum but quite a few I'm guessing by the look of the pictures of how much older Mali looks than Calum in their old photos, but she is also about the same age in my fanfic. She does look about the same age now (to me). I just wanted to say that cuz some of the age differences can be pretty damn weird so yeah.

Luke's POV

I know I can't face Alana, but I want to talk to her. I had no idea that this would hurt so bad. I really do care about Alana and I wish she knew that. And I would tell her if I knew for a fact that I love her more than Ashton does, but I don't know that. I just need more time with my friends, and more time away from girls... right after I pull myself together. Right now I'm in the bathroom drying up my tears that happened to escape my eyes. I know if it's not meant to be I'll get over her, but I feel like I never will. She's so perfect. I wish she was mine. Actually maybe there is a girl I should talk to. Mali. She's like got the best advise.


"So what is it you need help with?" Mali asks.

"I need to get over Alana." Mali nods her head.

"Ok. So how do you feel about her?"

"How do I... Well, she's um... I love her. I love her to pieces. She's so gorgeous and amazing. I think she's just perfect."

"So she has no flaws?"


"Luke, you've got to remember in the end, if you don't end up with her, then she's not the one."

"But I want her to be the one."


"Because she's perfect."

"Yeah, but you'll meet another girl. Another girl who is even more perfect."

"You think that'll happen?"

"I know it will." Mali pats me on the back, smiles, and leaves. As I watch her walk away I think about how she smiled at me. She's pretty, isn't she? Do I like Mali? I'm not over Alana, but I feel like I might be soon now that Mali has given me advice.

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