I like the drummer//ON HOLD



1. Chapter 1

Alana POV

"Alana!" I hear a couple of meters behind me. I turn around

"Mali!" I reply. My best friend Mali runs up to me

"Hey sorry I wasn't at school yesterday; Calum got me sick." She says

"Oh that's fine. But seriously you're my best friend and I still haven't met him yet!"

"Yeah... Oh you know what? You can come to my house after school today and you can meet my brother. Actually he's having a band practise so you can meet his friends too." She says as she leans over on one leg

"Okay cool!" I say. I'm so excited. Mali always talks about her brother and his band mates. She says when she's around them she talks a lot about me too. I feel like I already know them. Mali and her brother Calum had only started the same school as me 2 weeks ago, so I never got to meet Calum. The reason they transferred schools was because Mali and I met in the mall last year and kept in touch. After a couple of months of tweeting each other and skyping, we became best friends. The rest of Calum's band went to the same school as I did, so they transferred. I think I might have seen them around, but I don't know.

After school

I sit in my room getting ready. I wonder if I should wear make up. I decide not to since it's a first impression and I don't want them to get used to me wearing make up. I wear my unicorn shirt, my red flannel jacket and black ripped skinny jeans. I decide to wear my black flip flops because I really can't be bothered putting on anything else. I get out my brush and comb out the nots that the wind left in my blonde-ish ginger hair. My mom drives me over to Mali's place and I ring the doorbell. A tall boy with blonde quiffed hair and crystal blue eyes answered the door. He had a lip piercing and was wearing the exact same flannel as me, but had it buttoned up. "Hi, I'm Luke. Are you Alana?" He said in a deep voice "Um yeah hi." I said awkwardly. I shifted past him letting myself in. I looked around.

"They're downstairs by the way." He said. In front of us was two stair cases; one going up and one going down. Luke went downstairs and I closely followed him. This was so awkward... I was wearing the same jacket as him... I took the jacket off and tied it around my waist to draw less attention to the fact that we were wearing the same thing. Once I got downstairs the first thing I noticed was all the instruments. Mali was sitting on a brown leather couch along with Calum. Calum and Mali looked heaps like each other. You could really tell they were siblings. "Heeyy! Alana!" Mali yelled. I smiled and quietly said hi. I went to go sit next to Mali. "Hey guys play that one song again!" Mali said. The boys all got up and went by their instruments. I noticed this one boy who sat at the back by the drums. He had curly brown blonde hair. He wore a red bandana on his head and a short sleeved orange shirt. I'm not gonna lie he's pretty good looking. They started to play the song. It was great. Once it finished leant over to Mali "Hey Mali? Who's the drummer?"

"Oh that's Ashton." She replied. I nodded. I couldn't take my eyes off him and I didn't know why. I got to properly meet all of them. I met Ashton last. He shook my hand. It felt all tingly and his hand was so... strong. Luke and I kinda started to hang out that night. He's a nice guy and he's really funny and um inappropriate.

Ashton POV

"So what do you think of Alana?" Michael asked me

"I dunno I only shook her hand. What do you think of her?" I say

"Yeah she's pretty I guess."

"You guess? Not REALLY pretty then?" I say laughing

"Ugh Ashton you know what I mean." I take a moment to look at Alana. Michael isn't wrong, she is pretty. She has hazel eyes like me, but more darker. Her skin is fair. She doesn't have much of a tan, but who says skin color matters. I see her laughing with Luke. Mali is sitting with Calum but to be honest I don't really care about Mali and Calum tonight; I can't stop thinking about this girl Alana.

I'm kinda jealous of Luke now. I try ignore my envy over Luke.

"Ashton why are you staring at Alana?" Michael asks.

Without properly listening to the question I say "I don't really know..." I look away from Alana and look at Michael. He seems confused. I smile at him. "ASHTON" Michael yells "Michael be more quiet" I say "Ashton you're blushing!" He yell whispers. I roll my eyes at him.

Next day at school

On my way to my locker I see Mali, Luke and Alana laughing about something. I walk over to them

"Hey guys" I say

"Hi" they all say. I refuse to make eye contact with Alana. I just don't let myself. "So what y'all laughing about?" I ask trying not to sound nervous "Oh nothing."Mali says still giggling." I narrow my eyes and raise my eye brows in unamusement. "Well bye then..." I say and carry on walking to my locker.

Alana POV

Once Luke leaves to go and find Michael I'm finally alone with Mali.

"Mali... I need to tell you something..." I say

"Oh god Alana what did you do." Mali jokes

"No I didn't do anything." I say

"K then what is it."

"I like the drummer."

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