my heart speaks

Stella bradshaw is the hights ranking student in her class, but when she meets the new guy; Donnie Maxwell, her life turns upsidedown. she starts failing in all her classes, her parents even kick her out of the house. will she change her life around before something bad happens?


1. Prologue -




Stella Bradshaw was the smartest girl in her class. Always got high marks and was the most popular girl in school. With her short dark brown hair curled at the ends, lips as red as cherries and eyes of a pure blue sea. She was the most beautiful girl inn school. Always first picked for everything. when she was eleven years old her father abused her, she tried to run but in the end he got her. “Your mother won’t be here to protect you in the morning”, she was so afraid of men and the power they held over women. After a few weeks she moved to a new town where people were going missing and death was at every door.

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