death eater - a blinded sequal

This is a story, based off of the movella blinded (if you haven't read it, read it because none of it will make sense.)
Jessica is now in her 5th year at Hogwarts. She's just turned 17. That means, she can become a death eater. She could follow in her brother's footsteps, or constantly be ignored by her family. She could be the only Malfoy to ever not be a death eater, changing family history, or, just like her brother, she could be known as the girl who made all the wrong choices. Her choice. Which will she decide?


1. no

Jessica's P.O.V.


I yell. I wish that they would leave it alone. I'm tired of hearing it. Death eater this, death eater that. I had met the dark lord himself, and so now, I basically had 2 options. Running away, or becoming a death eater. 

I walk outside of the front door. It's winter break, and I'm confused why I came now. I didn't know it would be this bad. Plus, I only thought that you couldn't do it until you were out of school, but apparently not. Draco folds under pressure. I either fold, or I run. 

The cold winter air fills my nostrils and turns my nose and cheeks red within a matter of seconds. I want to be alone, but it's near impossible in this family. Especially in my case.

I was blind until I was 12, and what makes me not blind is the fact that I didn't know how to swim. But now, even though I can easily care for myself, my parents, and even Draco are overprotective. 

I hear the door open. Even though I know who it is, I turn around.

"Are you okay?"

he asks. 

Draco might be a death eater, but he didn't mean to be. He barely had a choice.

"I'm fine, but I'm not happy either."

I reply.

"It's not that hard being a death..."

"not that hard?"

I ask.

"Your joking."

I say. 

"And trust me, I can tell."

I say, which isn't a lie. I can always tell. His smile's changed, the way he laughs is different. He's more of a rebel. I don't want to turn out like him, always having to act differently around my own parents, but now, no matter what, I will too. 

"Let's go inside."

he says. 

"It's cold out here."

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