A boy

A boy


1. Poem

Blue eyes that are blackholes                 Their force is strong                                  Powerful,                                                    Magic.       

A face of beauty


Love.                                                         But I sit here 

Hoping that someday 

Some how 

I will be loved the way he looks at her

Wanting that smile to be for me

A tear fallen for me

Because I have NEVER felt so alone

When I realized people die

People die for love

I would die any day for that boy

But no one would die for me

I have no one to save me

To cry for me

All I do is love and all I get is hate

I thought love over powered hate 

But people still die everyday

I love that boy

With blackholes for eyes

But he doesn't feel the same

I look around hoping to see him

But people die everyday

He died

He died for me

Death is not bad

Death is for love

It may be sad 

Everyday people die for 


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