Always with you !

Dina move to Australia with her family she ended up meeting a group of friends!


2. Yes!!

Skip to end of Sch !

I was alone

Then while I was walking out of Sch door I saw Ashton and some boys sitting on a bench talking so I didn't care .

So I started walking home ...

While walking home I heard someone calling my name behind..

So I turned and saw Ashton and his three friends ...they walk towards me ..I waved at them.

Meet my friends " ash said ..b

"Hey" I said

The red hair guy said "hey I'm Micheal "

The cool hair guys said "hey I'm calum"

The hot blue eyes said " hey I'm luke"

I waved at them ..we walked all the way to my house then relising Luke was neighbour .

" hey Dina you should come over at five we are having a party" Luke said

I blushed and said " see first ahaha" ❓

After saying I went inside my house to ask my mum ..

After asking my parents I walked over to like house.

When I stepped in the house was huge

I saw Caty,Lilly .

I met them just now relising Caty was calum girl and Lilly was Micky girl..

I waked in saying hi!

After eating we played 7 minute of game so Lilly told me to make out with Luke for 7 min I agreed he hold my hand when into a big cupboard ahah! Then I kissed him

Yup I was kissing him!

He kissed me back after kissing and relishing we kissed for seven min like ask me?

" will you be my girlfriend ?"

"Yes" I said we agreed

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