Always with you !

Dina move to Australia with her family she ended up meeting a group of friends!


5. why!!!!!

Dina Pov,

woke up in the morning at 8am releasing my family was home .

I went down the stairs running and they all said hi too me ... The first person i hug was becky ... and after hugging it awkward they my parent and my sibling was looking at us like weirdly ...i and becky laughed as 

Becky suggested we all should go to the beach beside our house to celebrate ..

Becky and i went to my room i started to tell her wat all happen ... and the funniest part is that she wanted to climb over to luke house to punch him but thats when my mum call ed us from downstairs..

"Arh i will slap him after .." beckky said

"Yes for hurting me a lot " i said 

After eating our lunch at the beach we wanted to ride boat as a race as a family .. my parents went to pay ...

When i a phone call from my phone came...

"hello" isaid 

"hey dina its ashton"

"what do you want"

" pls don't get angry we wanna say sorry"

"sorry you know how much luke hurt me"
" we were having a party than luke drank a lot than his ex showed up and he went bait drunk on her"

"oh pls like I'm gonna believe you oh if he was sorry he would come to me and talk to me but he didn't so if you excuse me I'm with my family right now so bye"
"wai-"i cut him off and cut up the phone ..


"Nice work wow " becky said

" yeah i don't want to cry right now so lets go bit our family "


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