Always with you !

Dina move to Australia with her family she ended up meeting a group of friends!


10. she!!!

Luke pov..

oh my god how did she know katie?
she my ex the one i saw got drunk and all that with ex ...

umm what do you mean katie?" i said 

"she just keep going in my mind "

"forget it relax your mi"

"Okay time to talk to dina alone " the doctor said

all of us went out ....

Dina pov.

all of them went out 

"how are you feeling"

"im find just confused about something"

"relax dina you remember everything "

"ones you go home you need to sleep straight away no using hone or it will cause you to faint the nurse will give you pills to sleep ad remember stuff"

"when do i go back to sch the holidays is over..?"

" a month later"

"wait no that can't be"

"yes it can be and don't talk loud you are surpass to rest "
"okay find i will rest k."

"okay you are ready to go home "


Becky pov.

hahah we can listen to dina talking to the doctor .

i get to listen to my cousin voice again ...

the doctor came out and said dina is ready to go home 

her parents went in the room the other stayed outside

"wow remember me and she is fine now!"luke said

"no you guys have to give her time to rest i am her until my sch holidays are over so don't worry guys "
"wait so we can't se her?"calm said

"yes you can visit her hahah omg "i said 

"wow thanks tho"luke said

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