Always with you !

Dina move to Australia with her family she ended up meeting a group of friends!


7. nonono!!!!!

Dina pov.

After waking up the mountain with becky we slowed down as we got tired .

Then we heard someone calling us i turnd around and saw luke and the boys. so me and becky ran and they caught us ..

" what do guys want"

" Dina pls I'm sorry i was drunk pls" luke 

" so are you now sorry i can't its over between us that day"

"give me a chance "
"Im sorry idont wanna fall in pieces agin "... i and becky walk away . Then luke hold my hand and beg me ...

i was at the hedge of falling of the mountain..

"let go off me luke I'm gonna fall "

i pushed him and i fell of the hedge no one could help me i fell f the moutain...

"Dina !!!!!" becky sshouted!!!

" Dina nooo! " the guys shouted 

i hit on the ground and everything went black ....


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