Always with you !

Dina move to Australia with her family she ended up meeting a group of friends!


4. New chapter


Dina pov.

its been week since i was sick and seeing luke . i was all alone .My parent was not at home they went to visit my grandparent and bring my siblings home .

And i can't wait to see my cousin, becky. She will always be there for me. We are like twins sister. We always get the same stuff and clothes.

After thinking about all this stuff i went on instagram , i stroll down and saw a pic of luke and a girl , which he said "met ex-girl and love her" . tears start falling down my face so... i went to down to the living room to find my bag .

I took my bag and went around the beach. I sat alone and nobody was at the beach . And it was a month of school holiday maybe the people went visiting or holidays .

i cried all the way home went to my room shut the curtain and watch ' fault in our stars' we make me even cry more .. so i didn't talk to anyone today and i don't want to talk to luke or any of his friend i went to sleep...

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